Scary Places: The Roosevelt Hollywood

What could be scarier than a haunted hotel? You check it for a little R&R and suddenly, there is a spirit in your room! I’ve already talked about the Stanley Hotel, where the movie The Shining was filmed and the Farnsworth House Inn, where founded Confederate soldiers were taken during the Civil War. I’ve also blogged about The Hotel Chelsea in NYC where many celebs either died, committed suicide, or were murdered. Let’s go back to the west coast for the Roosevelt Hollywood hotel. Located in the heart of Hollywood, the Roosevelt was first opened in 1927. It was financed … Continue reading

Scary Places: USS North Carolina

One of my favorite times of year is quickly approaching – Halloween! A couple of years ago, I did a series on haunted places in America in honor of the holiday and decided to do a few more this year. A few years back, my family and a friend of ours visited the USS North Carolina in its permanent location in Wilmington. The USS North Carolina was launched on June 13, 1940 during World War II. It was the first of the modern battleships and thus nicknamed “Showboat.” By 1942, she was in the Pacific helping protect aircraft carriers during … Continue reading

Scary Places: The Hotel Chelsea in New York City

Ever notice how ghosts tend to haunt old dwellings where many tortured souls lived? Such is the case of the historic Hotel Chelsea in New York City. The Chelsea was built in 1883, when that particular area was the center of the theater district. Maybe that is why it always seemed to attract talented, yet troubled artists. It was first divided into private apartments, and then turned into a hotel, but regardless, it has seen its share of celebrities. (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5) Sir Arthur C. Clarke penned “2001: a Space Odyssey” while … Continue reading

Scary Places: Waverly Hills Sanatorium

What could be creepier than a sanatorium? In the case of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky, not much! It opened in 1910 for tuberculosis patients. While tuberculosis can often be successfully treated today, back then, the patients were locked away. When streptomycin, an antibiotic, was finally introduced in 1943 to treat tuberculosis, the number of patients gradually fell and Waverly Hills was closed in 1961. (This work has been released into the public domain by the copyright holder.) However, it was reopened as a hospital in 1962, but then closed again in 1981, allegedly due to the mistreatment … Continue reading

Scary Places: The Farnsworth House Inn

Halloween is coming soon, so not blog about what many people love – scary places. I’ve already blogged about the Winchester Mystery House, the Whaley House, and the Robertson County, Tennessee, the home of the Bell Witch. Today, I want to talk about the Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg, PA. For some of you, the mere mention of the name Gettysburg conjures up images of a Civil War battle that was brutal and deadly. The Farnsworth House Inn was actually used by Confederate soldiers during the 1863 battle. Sharpshooters holed up in the attic of the inn and shot from … Continue reading

‘Twas the Night Before Halloween

Here’s something way, way, way off the normal course of offerings from me to you here in the Pets Blog. My attempt at paying homage to a classic holiday poem, “The Night Before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore –but with a twist. And it stars my three little monkeys: Murphy, Mr. Meow and Tabby. (Along with some seasonally appropriate Halloween cohorts, of course.) I’ll warn you now I’m no poet. Most of the rhyming is a stretch, the meter’s off, and who knows if any of it makes any sense, but this is what taking a nap the day before … Continue reading