Schools Taking a Bite Out of Lunchtime

Ask kids what their favorite part of the school day is and I’ll bet anything that the majority will answer: “LUNCH!” Unfortunately for those students, bad news may be on the horizon. According to reports, several school districts around the country are trimming lunch and recess and devoting the extra minutes to classroom time. The reason: Lunch is bad for kids. Not the nutritional part of it; rather experts say the whole experience of cafeteria dining is chaotic, stressful, unappetizing and akin to feeding time at the zoo. Educators who support reducing lunch periods maintain that with younger kids lunchtime … Continue reading

Female Student Fights for Her Right to Wear Pants to Graduation

This is so not my daughter. However, I do give Chelsea Sarvis credit for standing up for what she believes in, as petty as it may seem to others. The South Carolina high school senior made headlines recently when she fought to wear pants to her graduation instead of a dress… and won. The popular Chapin High School student argued that she wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a dress on graduation day and simply wanted to don the same attire as the senior boys—-dress slacks and a collared shirt. “If I had to walk across the stage in a dress, I’d … Continue reading

10-Year-Old Truant Gets Pardon From President Obama

It’s one thing to play hookey and get caught, but finagling a way to get the President of the United States to write your teacher a note excusing your absence, now that’s something to tell your kids about. Not only can 10-year-old Kennedy Corpus tell her future children about the day she skipped the last day of school to try to get a glimpse of President Barack Obama, she can show them the personal note he scribbled pardoning her truancy. The shy girl from Green Bay, Wisconsin made history yesterday when she attended a presidential town hall meeting with her … Continue reading

A Student’s Ball and Chain

How far would you go to get your child to complete his homework? Would you consider chaining your kid to a 20-pound ball in order for him to finish a school project? A Spanish company is hoping you (and millions of other frustrated parents) will embrace their “Study Ball,” for the low, low price of just $90. According to the company, your hard earned cash will get you “the results you desire.” Seriously. The gadget (the company refers to it as a “study aid”) is designed to mirror a prison-style ball and chain. However, unlike the traditional device used on … Continue reading

New School Rule: No Hugging Allowed

Connecticut is a gorgeous state with numerous noteworthy attractions. However, if I lived in the Milford school district, I’d be the mother of an expelled student. My extremely affectionate daughter would never be able to adhere to a new “no touching” policy that was recently implemented at East Shore Middle School. The no touching, hugging, high-five slapping, love patting policy has sparked controversy beyond the schoolyard, and now the entire school district may get in on the ban. And to think the “overly broad” response was the result of a couple of boys engaging in horseplay. According to reports, the … Continue reading

California School Finally Approves Controversial Musical Production

Yes, no, maybe so… It’s been a tumultuous couple of weeks for high school students in California, who planned to showcase their talents in the musical, “Rent: School Edition.” But, now, it appears that the show will go on. The drama started when Corona del Mar High School theater teacher Ron Martin chose “Rent: School Edition,” as the spring musical. The production is a slightly toned-down version of Jonathan Larson’s Tony Award-winning show, which appeared on Broadway for more than a decade. It won rave reviews around the world, but that meant nothing to Corona del Mar High School’s principal, … Continue reading