The Top Pets Blogs of 2007: January – May

Aimee and I, along with the occasional guest blogger, tried our best to bring you informative, interesting, and entertaining articles this past year. But you seemed to like some more than others. So I decided to do a Year in Review recap of the ones that you responded most to. What Makes a “Top” Blog? Even though you all may enjoy most of the blogs we write, not all of them inspire you to leave comments or rate them. Those that received star ratings made the Top Blogs cut. January 2007 Top Blogs Assistance Dogs of the West and The … Continue reading

Scooby-Doo, Who Are You?: Fun Facts

Who is Scooby-Doo? You might know he’s the star of a show that originally was called, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, which has since seen other spin offs and transformations. (Such as A Pup Named Scooby-Doo and What’s New, Scooby-Doo?, not to mention the direct-to-video animated movies as well as the motion picture live-action versions.) But did you know that from 1969 until present, the Scooby-Doo brand of cartoons is Saturday morning TV’s “longest running American animated” series? Here are some other fun facts you may or may not know: • The storymen at Hanna and Barbera in charge of creating … Continue reading

Dogs Who Fake Limps for Sympathy

At Mr. Meow’s Thursday vet appointment to check his lump (which was nothing, just a reaction to his rabies shot. Phew!), I also touched based with the vet about Murphy’s hurt paw. (He’s still limping.) Healing Takes Time We know it’s not broken, because x-rays confirmed that. It could be something’s wrong with the tendons. But before the vet refers us to a specialist, she wants us to finish up the anti-inflammatory medication she prescribed Murph. She’s hoping we don’t have to go the specialist route. She’s encouraged by the fact the swelling has gone down, and hopes it stays … Continue reading

A Breed By Any Other Name Is…

…perhaps a dog you once knew or are familiar with from a TV show or a movie. You might not know the breed name, but you identify it nonetheless. By some other name. Not in Kansas Anymore, ____ Take the case of Lollipop, a Cairn terrier. I had the pleasure of making Lollipop’s acquaintance on my morning walks when I went to my mom’s house last month. The first morning I met Lollipop, she and her mom, Martha Ann, were coming towards me on the path. Lollipop stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me, hunkered down, and was … Continue reading

Frugality and Great Danes: An Interview with Author Carolyn Howard-Johnson

What makes Carolyn Howard-Johnson so frugal? Why her series of “Frugal Books” of course! (A listing of them follows the end of the interview.) But this author also has a passion for Danes –as in the Great variety. I thought it was maybe because she was a Scooby-Doo nut, but, nope, a real life Great Dane got her hooked on the breed. Read on to learn more about author Carolyn Howard-Johnson and the pets in her life. Courtney Mroch: What kind of things do you write about? (Genre, subject matter, themes, what have you.) Carolyn Howard-Johnson: I write about anything … Continue reading

Author Lauren Carr and the Many Animals That Inspire Her, An Interview

My next interview victim –er, I mean subject—is mystery author Lauren Carr. The thing that struck me most about her interview is how ingrained animals are in her life, and therefore in her books. Lauren shared a bunch of wonderful pet-related anecdotes that elicited more than one knowing head nod or chuckle from me. Will it be the same for you? Read for yourself and see if you can’t relate to her life with pets. Courtney Mroch: What kind of things do you write about? (Genre, subject matter, themes, what have you.) Lauren Carr: I am the author of the … Continue reading

More Viral Animal Emails: Doggone Hysterical

Previously I wrote about viral emails I’m guilty of spreading and ones that have tugged at my heart. Well, here’s some that I’ve found just doggone hysterical. Off the Mark Cartoons My neighbor Marlene forwarded an email with “From a dog’s point of view” in the subject line. It contained a bunch of Off the Mark cartoons by Mark Parisi. These were cartoons I’d never seen before and had me in stitches because I thought they were incredibly clever. My favorites were: • “Aromatherapy Candles” – a dog’s standing in front of a rack of dog rear end candles, with … Continue reading

My Favorite Halloween Couple Costumes: Classic Characters Costumes

If you’ve been following my favorite Halloween couple costumes series, you’ve seen my picks for funniest, sexiest, and period costumes. Well, I’m not through yet. I can’t leave out the classics –the characters everyone recognizes from TV shows and movies. Not since I was very little, like seven, have I dressed up as a favorite TV character. (Wonder Woman was the preferred choice several years in a row as I recall.) But it might be fun one of these years to see if Wayne would like to couple up as one of the following: • Fred and Wilma Flintstone: Wayne’s … Continue reading

Halloween Tricks and Treats for Pets: Food Goodies

Are you the kind to take your dog out trick or treating with the family? Wayne and I would, but since we don’t have kids, we don’t go. We do hand out treats though –to both kids and animals alike. Over the last few years I’ve seen a marked increase in the number of pets making the rounds with their kin. I love to make sure they get a little something too, so I always have something on hand. Mostly just regular dog treats, like Scooby Snacks, but this year I’ve found a few Halloween-themed pet goodies I might have … Continue reading

Chestnut: Hero of Central Park (2004)

Sal and Rae are two young sisters who live in a Catholic orphanage. After watching many of their friends get adopted, they wonder if they’ll ever get the chance to have a family of their very own. They’ve never known what it’s like to have a mom and a dad – their mom was single before she died, and the idea of having two parents seems a little odd. But when the Tomleys adopt the girls, they begin to learn what it means to have both mother and father. There’s just one secret they are keeping – they found a … Continue reading