Funeral Cards Tell Life Stories

Funeral cards, or prayer cards, as they are sometimes called, each hold the story of a person’s life. The purpose of the card is to provide a summary of the life of the deceased. For genealogists, a funeral card is a valuable source of information. There are plenty of websites where a genealogist can go to locate funeral cards. I still have a funeral card from the funeral services of each of my grandmothers, and also one from the funeral of my aunt. I cannot explain exactly why I decided to hang onto these funeral cards for so many years, … Continue reading

Scrapbook A Funeral?

I have always thought it odd when people take pictures at a funeral. But, I guess it is a time when a lot of people that normally aren’t together, get together. So, many times, photos are taken. When my Mother-in-Law passed away, there was definitely a lot of picture taking going on. While, I did not bring my own camera, I do have some photos from that day. What should one do about scrapping them? In our case, I wanted to make a book of remembrance for my husband so that on those days when he was really missing his … Continue reading

The Imperfect Scrapbook Life

Scrapbooking is such a great creative outlet. In fact, most scrapbookers are very happy and calm when they are creating layouts to record their wonderful memories. And why shouldn’t they be? Our scrapbook albums are typically filled with beautifully designed layouts, amazing photographs that almost look professional, thanks largely to some very strategic cropping, and some wonderful, perfect, happy memories. Except, that is not all that our lives hold. Not every day is full of beauty, not every photograph comes out looking totally perfect and certainly not every person has nothing but wonderful, happy memories. It is just not possible. … Continue reading

Friday Funnies: Scrapbooking Humor and Jokes

It’s finally Friday, and the weekend’s upon us! I plan to get some major organizing done this weekend. Though, when I plan, I often vary from my plan! So who knows what I will accomplish this weekend. Actually, I do know some of what will happen this weekend. My camera will come out and we’re going to capture some great family memories! I hope you all do too. To leave you on a sweet note this beautiful Friday, here is some laughter for the true scrapbooker! Don’t forget to grab your camera and create some meories of your own this … Continue reading

Celebrating Life

Have you noticed a growing trend in funerals these days? Many of them are being referred to as “Celebrations of Life.” For the loved ones, who are left behind to grieve the unspeakable loss, remembering the good times shared with the deceased is often more comforting than focusing on death. My beloved grandmother passed away last year. However, hers was a life well lived and should continue to be celebrated, which is why I have started crafting a scrapbook dedicated to memorable milestones during her earthly journey. I plan to give the book to my daughter and share it with … Continue reading

Instant Energy/Happiness/Joy

I’ve written about this before (link) but I felt compelled to write about it again. This blog is about the daily education of a new father: joys, bumps, tips, and trials. The last time I wrote about my son smiling I was experiencing his first smile directed at me. Recently he’s become even more expressive and responsive. His interactions with his parents have become more controlled. The effect on Dad, also, has increased tenfold or more. This past week my wife and I attended the funeral of our son’s great-grandfather (my wife’s grandfather). This was obviously a time of sadness … Continue reading

Saturday Layout Challenge: The Hard Times

It has returned to the scrapbooking blog. The scrapbooking layout challenges have been resurrected from the dark side and brought back into the light. They have been changed to be offered on Saturday instead of the original Monday’s that we were doing before. The reason for this change is because many scrapbookers really only get to create their layouts and find their special time to scrapbook on the weekends. It seemed that this would be an easier day to put the scrapbooking layout challenges up. I will also be moving past challenges over to the Inspiration section of the blog. … Continue reading

The Healing Comfort of Family Words

Some years ago I studied post graduate Solution Focused Therapy under Dr Robert McNeilly. He had just coauthored “Healing with Words” and since then I have been interested in the traditional family words that have far greater positive meaning than anyone else could possibly realize. Ours are “Stars and Moon” and “I love you 50”, – they each mean the same thing. Both are short for: “I love you 50 thousand million trillion AND all the way to the sun, the moon, around the stars and back again.” The history of these statements are modern, founded in the wonderful child’s … Continue reading