Pride and Service

Miriam has written a couple of blogs over the last few months about accepting help and service. As I read these, I found myself nodding in agreement. As I thought about the subject, I realized that there really is only reason we don’t ask for help when we need it: pride. When we find ourselves struggling, we need to take a good luck within and make sure that this flaw isn’t keeping us from getting the assistance we need. There are various ways that pride manifests itself within us. Some are more obvious than others. Miriam has done a wonderful … Continue reading

Youth Christmas Service Projects

If you are planning activities for young men and young women during this month you may want to take advantage of the many service opportunities that are available during the Holiday season. Giving service is a great way to help the youth remember the true meaning of service. Here are five activities that you may want to consider doing during the holidays. 1) You may want to make cookies and brownies for the less active members of the class. You can then go around and visit the members one activity night. You should keep the visits fairly short, but you … Continue reading

The Positive Effects of Service

Life is seldom a static unchanging thing. Each day can bring a new struggle, or it can bring a moment of peace. At times you may have control over what life throws at you, other times you do not. In my observance there are different ways that people react to the events that they face in life. Some people seem absolutely resilient. No matter what is happening to them, they seem to be able to find a positive note. While others can get dragged down, and just seem to fight to make it day to day, but they keep trying. … Continue reading

Be Ye Therefore Perfect

As a member of the church, I’ve always known that the phrase perfection, or some form of it appears multiple times in the scriptures. We need to “be ye therefore perfect”, or “be perfected in Christ”. I am not going to deny that hearing that perfection is the ultimate goal can feel very depressing. An article by, Janet S. Scharman, in BYU Magazine was shared on a friend’s blog. The title of the article of course peaked my interest, “Seeking Perfection Without Being a Perfectionist”. I thought, I definitely need to read that! So, I did. And, it was a … Continue reading

Would You Give Up Millions to Serve God?

Would you give up millions to serve God? One 19 year old did just that. His name is Will Hopoate. Watch his video here. He is a professional rugby player in Australia, and has decided to postpone his career to go on a mission. While this isn’t the first time this has happened in the history of the church, it is still just as admirable. There have been others that I have heard of that have done the same, however, sharing the same faith that they do, I can’t help but ask myself, would I have done the same? While … Continue reading

New Personal Progress Booklets

Have you seen the new Personal Progress booklets? They’re fabulous. Take everything you loved about Personal Progress before, and now put a fresh look on it, spiral bind it for easy usage, and invite all women (and men) to participate. I love how updated the book is, but more importantly, I love how functional it now is. With the addition of the value Virtue to the Young Women theme and program, the church needed to update many of its materials including posters, manuals, and the Personal Progress book. The organization of the book is very similar to how it was … Continue reading

Maintaining Personal Worthiness

As LDS people it is important to focus on personal worthiness daily. These habits and choices can make it much easier to have the Holy Ghost as a constant companion. It can make it easier to face life’s many trials and to hold your family together during difficult times. Personal worthiness can also be looked at, as making sure that your personal testimony remains strong. One of the most important things you can do to keep your testimony strong is to continue to build your relationship with your Savior and Heavenly Father on a daily basis. This means taking time … Continue reading

The Blessings of Church Membership

When people look at our church or think about Mormons, many people only see the restrictions that we commit to when we join the church. This includes no alcohol, coffee, tea, and no smoking. Often times it is too easy to get caught up in the things that you don’t instead of focusing on the things that do. The church also offers many blessing as a result of being members of the church. First of all the things that we are not supposed to do, there is little that we are really missing. Studies and experience have shown that there … Continue reading

Mormon Channel Radio Station

There is a new Mormon Channel radio station that you can listen to. You can find the station on the Internet at You can also find it wherever there is a Bonneville Communications group in your area. You can stream the station on your computer. There is also the option to download specific programs as podcasts. Currently the programming consists of a mixture of programs created for the station as well as rebroadcasts of conference talks, firesides and devotionals from BYU. There is a program called Scripture Stories that features children talking about the scriptures and sharing their favorite … Continue reading

Book Review : For the Love of a Child: The Journey of Adoption

This book is called For the Love of a Child: The Journey of Adoption (not to be confused with another book called For Love of a Child: Stories of Adoption). This book is published by Deseret Press especially for Latter-Day Saints, but it is very useful for all expectant parents considering placing a child for adoption and their families, as well as informative for relatives, school personnel, counselors and church leaders. The book is unique in its exploration of the spiritual journey many people go through in dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, infertility, and/or adoption. The first part of the … Continue reading