Selling Versus Donating

What do you do with all of your extra stuff? We seem to accumulate a lot of items, even when we are frugal and try to spend less. One example is baby and children’s clothing. We will gladly take any clothing in the sizes we need or may need in the future. We often get clothing as hand me downs, at clearance sales and at thrift stores and garage sales. Sometimes it is a better bargain to offer someone a flat price for that box of clothing (or books, or electronics) that they have been trying to sell all day, … Continue reading

Finding a Frugal Community

When it comes to living a frugal lifestyle, it is nice to have someone in your corner. Like-minded people can help each other out with support and shared resources. It is wonderful when a friend of yours can get excited about a thrift store find and offer you new ways of saving money. Without that support, your frugal living could be sabotaged. Sometimes you get lucky and move into an area that is made up of frugal people, and sometimes it is just the opposite. In our extended neighborhood, the first impression is that no one is very frugal. Moms … Continue reading

Frugal Living Week in Review: March 31st Through April 6th

Have you been stocking up on ham and bacon this week? And what about the other great food bargains? If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out last week’s frugal articles. March 31st Goodwill Offers and Finds Do you shop at the Goodwill? Here are some of the finds that were available Saturday at my local Goodwill. Planning Your Frugal Summer Travel I know that we just reached spring, but summer won’t be far behind. And now is a perfect time to start planning your summer vacation. With the economy the way it is, many people will … Continue reading