Special Places, Special People, Special Traditions

My girl is a funny kid. We make bi-weekly trips to my parent’s house (they watch her two Fridays a month) and when we arrive she basically denies loving the books and music she enjoys at home. It is as if she morphs into a slightly different child with different interests and new favorite things. Before we discovered this, we would often bring her newest favorite stuffed animal or the CD she just can’t stop listening to over her grandparent’s house. We thought she would be excited to share these passions with her grandparents. Nope. She would have nothing to … Continue reading

My Secret Stash of Fun Money

There’s a small secret I want to share with you. I’ve found a way to come up with extra spending money for just me and my daughter without taking it from the budget. Sprinkled around the house I’ve left out small plastic cups seeded with a few coins. I have one in every closet, and on several counters throughout the house. Within a day after I did this, Hubby started dropping all his spare change in the cups. He saw my seed change, and viola! In went his change. Like most men, he empties his pockets at the end of … Continue reading

Surviving Snow Days

Who doesn’t love snow days? (Actually I do know some people, but they don’t live at my house!) We actually don’t get a lot of snow days here in Colorado. It’s not that we don’t get snow, but that people here have chains and snow tires and four-wheel drive. We don’t let the snow slow us down too much. I love when we do have a snow day, when I don’t have to drive, when we can stay all day in our sweats and pajamas. I like to sprinkle a tiny bit of powdered sugar over the kids’ waffles or … Continue reading

Kids Frugal Entertainment: Travel Games For Anywhere

Many people travel during the holiday season. By car, by bus, by train, by plane. Regardless of how you go, you are stuck “inside” something until you reach your destination. I consider that a place to entertain children indoors. Oddly enough, we’ve carried these travel games to our kitchen table, to our living room on family night and even at bedtime we sometimes play a game. We aren’t traveling this holiday season, but many times even just for a trip to the mall or somewhere else in the car we play these games. The best part? They cost nothing, are … Continue reading

Frugal Indoor Fun: Host a Party

Hosting a party is a fun way to entertain your children indoors. You don’t necessarily need to invite anyone else but your family, but if you do it’s even more fun! This article is assuming that you might invite a few friends to enjoy this fun activity with. Here are some ideas for fun parties that can be done anytime of year when you are stuck indoors. Have a Sandwich Making Party This is easy if you ask each child to bring one or two ingredients. Assign several different sandwich toppings: pickles, alfalfa sprouts, onions, grated cheese, sliced tomatoes, shredded … Continue reading

Several Frugal Indoor Options for Entertaining Your Children This Winter

Entertaining children indoors all winter long can be a difficult challenge. But there are some standard, run of the mill ways you can help keep them entertained in addition to some of the unique ideas I’ve been providing and will continue to offer over the remainder of the week. Here are a few simple and traditional ideas: – Give them a puzzle to complete. All of our kids are older so they enjoy puzzles with at the very least 500-700 pieces. If you get a puzzle that’s big enough, they can all work on it together. – Grab a few … Continue reading