Simple Halloween Crafts: Fun with Paper Plates

When I was in second grade my older brother (by 11 months) was dared by a kid in the school cafeteria to eat a paper plate. My headstrong sibling didn’t blink twice and devoured about half the plate before a teacher saw what he was doing and took him to the infirmary. He survived and to this day we still laugh about the incident. Strange anecdote aside that’s not the type of “fun” with paper plates I have in mind for your children. With Halloween fast approaching and the economy in the dumpster I’ve been looking affordable ways to decorate … Continue reading

Artful Blogging – Magazine Review

If you have a blog, or you’ve ever thought about starting one, you should take at look at the Artful Blogging: Visually Inspiring Online Journals magazine. I promise it will inspire your blogging and your creative impulses. The magazine talks about the importance of blogging, about how it makes you pay attention to your day and your life, about how you start noticing things you might have glance over before. Artful Blogging highlights truly creative blogs. Each blog gets a few page spread, along with color photos from their blog entries, and often the stories behind why the blogger started … Continue reading

Sewing on Your Layouts

Including real stitching on your layouts has been a popular technique for many scrapbookers. It gives a softer and more delicate look to your creations. Even if you don’t have a regular sewing machine, you may still be interested in including stitching on your layouts. Rather than make the large investment in a big sewing machine with many bells and whistles, here are a few other options. Good old needle and thread. One option is to pull out some thread in a coordinating color that will go with your layout. Use a paper piercer to punch tiny holes where you … Continue reading

Sewing with Felt 2: Kids’ Art Pillows

Do you have a favorite drawing that your child has made? Besides just saving the piece of paper, you can turn your child’s masterpiece into a felt pillow that will can be on display and decorate a room, all the while allowing you to store away the precious drawing. You will need a few simple sewing skills to complete a pillow, but these are easily learned. Check out this blog on basic sewing skills and you’ll have all the information you need, even if you’ve never sewn a stitch, or taught a child to sew. You will need: Simple drawing … Continue reading

Sewing with Felt 1: Door Hanger

When you’re teaching your kids how to sew, there is no better fabric than felt. Felt doesn’t fray on the edges, it stays put, it’s inexpensive and available in every color you can think of. Lately, there have been felt available in new patterns like animal prints, flowers, sparkles and polka dots. A simple project to start with is a door hanger. This one has a heart design on the front, but you can adapt it to any simple design you want. If you or your child haven’t sewn before, or if you need a quick brush-up or some basic … Continue reading

Last-Minute St. Patrick’s Day Family Fun

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner.  Whether you are full, half or just a wee bit Irish, there’s always fun to be had on March 17th.  Luckily, you don’t have to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow in order to afford the St. Patrick’s Day treats listed below.  All you need are a few pint-sized wannabe leprechauns and some inexpensive materials to go green this holiday weekend. No-Sew Clover Bookend:  Simply take some green felt and cut-out the shape of a four-leaf clover.   Next, take some stitch tape. This tape is used when … Continue reading

Experimenting with New Designs

Many avid scrapbook fans also dabble in book-binding.  Newbies may be intimidated by the prospect of making their own scrapbook covers, but once you start experimenting with new techniques, the idea of designing a memory album from cover to cover is not as challenging as you may think. There are many advantages to crafting your own covers.  For starters, you get full reign over creative control.  You can design a cover of any shape or size.  In addition, you can use a variety of your favorite materials to embellish your cover.  For example, one of the first covers I attempted … Continue reading

Holiday Gifts from the Heart

The holiday season is an ideal time to teach kids about the importance of giving.  This year, though, consider doing one better by giving your children the opportunity to take a hands-on approach to gift-giving. There’s no need to break the bank purchasing expensive holiday presents for loved ones when you can use your creativity and other talents to craft a slew of special treats.  Show kids that by putting their heart into making a personal present for a loved one they will be giving a giving a gift you can’t put a price tag on. Some simple ideas include: … Continue reading

So Not My World

I barely have time to wash my hair in the morning, let alone shave my legs on a daily basis. So, how then is it possible for some moms to find time to post DIY tutorials featuring step-by-step instructions on how to create crocheted cozies for disposable Scotch Tape dispensers on YouTube? Pretty, little, intricately handcrafted covers for 99-cent tape dispensers that are designed to be THROWN AWAY. The tape dispensers that is. Clearly, you want to reuse the cuddly soft cozy you created to warm the cold plastic covering and disguise the unsightly green tartan plaid insert of any … Continue reading

Summer Science

My 7-year-old daughter channels Bill Nye the Science Guy on a daily basis. I don’t blame her; growing up, I constantly tried to recreate Mr. Wizard’s experiments in our garage, much to my mother’s chagrin. Since school left out for the summer my mad scientist has stirred up a bunch of weird-looking concoctions from various benign ingredients she found around the kitchen. However, last week she actually got to experiment with real science projects thanks to our “friends” who help staff a Parks and Rec summer program. If you are looking to prevent brain drain this summer consider the following … Continue reading