The Kids of Same-Sex Parents are All Right

A study that was published in the Journal of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics found that there was no differences between kids who were raised by same-sex parents and kids who were raised by opposite-sex parents. In short, children who were raised by lesbian or gay parents are just as healthy as kids who were raised by one man and one woman. The study included children who were between the ages of 6 and 17. The researchers compared kids who were raised by same-sex female parents versus kids who were raised by different-sex parents. In both cases, the researchers looked at “continuously … Continue reading

Obama Cut Funding for Abstinence-Only Sex Ed

President Obama has eliminated all government funding for abstinence-only sex education programs in public schools. Research shows that abstinence-only-until-marriage programs are ineffective and that they negatively impact young people’s health. Abstinence-only sex ed programs, and abstinence-until-marriage programs, are an extremely limited version of sexual education. These types of programs emphasize that young people should not have sexual intercourse until after they are married. Abstinence based sexual education programs rarely include information about anatomy, puberty, sexual health, and sexual orientation. These programs are favored by some Christian religious groups and by Republican lawmakers. Research shows that abstinence-only sexual education programs are … Continue reading

The Difference Between Friendship and Marriage

Sometimes I wonder what the difference is between friendship and marriage.  Not casual friendship, or even good friendship, but really-close, best-friends, rely-on-each-other-for-everything friendship.  If we look to the media for answers, it seems to imply that the only difference is physical desire.  In movies and television, the only or at least primary distinguishable change in the relationship between two characters that are best friends, and then become something more, is that their relationship adds a sexual element. Those are usually my favorite types of stories (as opposed to ones where the characters aren’t friends but jump right to dating), only … Continue reading

Gay Marriage Debate Rages

I moved from North Carolina almost a year and a half ago, but I still have many good friends there. Two days ago, North Carolina said “No thanks” to same-sex marriage by passing Amendment One. In case you’ve been in a coma the few weeks, Amendment One reads “Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized.” The amendment was passed by a vote of 61 percent for and 39 percent against. Before we go bashing North Carolina, let me say that it is just one of many states that … Continue reading

Same-Sex Couples Can Use to Find Health Insurance

This week, Maryland became the eighth state to legally allow same-sex marriage. Whenever two people get married, it leads to changes in the insurance policies of both partners. is a resource that everyone can use in order to find affordable health insurance options, including newly married same-sex couples. Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and the District of Columbia currently issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Now, the state of Maryland will, too. California recently ended the ban on same-sex marriage, (but has not yet started issuing marriage licenses for same-sex couples). Whenever two people get married, … Continue reading

Court Rules Same-Sex Spouse Can be Covered by Health Insurance

A woman filed a lawsuit after her employer refused to allow her to cover her same-sex spouse on her health insurance policy. Her employer was the United States Government. A court ruled that she should be allowed to cover her same-sex spouse on her employer sponsored health insurance. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and the District of Columbia are states that issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. In Maryland, a bill that has been passed by the Maryland House of Representatives is being heard by the Maryland Senate. That bill, if passed, would legalize same-sex marriage in … Continue reading

Marriage with Benefits

I can’t recall the context in which I heard it but not too long ago the phrase “friends with benefits” was mentioned. I had to stop and think about that for a moment. What I do know about this terminology is it means to have sexual relations without any ties. But I decided to look it up in the urban dictionary for more information. Specifically, it means to not only have a sexual relationship but to have it without being emotionally involved. I suppose this can happen but I find it difficult to believe. Deep down inside there must be … Continue reading

Insurers to Give Discounts to Same-Sex Married Couples

In the Summer of 2011, New York State became the eighth state to recognize same-sex marriages. As a result, two of the biggest insurance companies will be giving a discount on auto insurance premiums to same-sex married couples. The discount will be the same as what opposite-sex married couples currently receive. There are eight states that currently recognize the marriages of same-sex couples. These states are: Connecticut, District of Columbia, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont. California currently recognizes some marriages that have already occurred between couples of the same-sex, (but will not allow new same-sex marriages to … Continue reading

Preparing for Marriage from Childhood

We all know couples who have gone in for counseling before they get married to help them get their marriages off on the right foot. This kind of preparation is awesome. What we might not realize, though, is that we are actually preparing for marriage from the time we’re born. When we’re toddlers and small children, we internalize how our parents treat us. As we get older, we notice how they treat each other. These examples become our first and most impacting lessons in what constitutes a home and a family. If we were raised in an unloving home, we … Continue reading

Marriage and Happiness – is it possible?

While divorce is nothing new in this country, when I read about long-term marriages coming to an end, ala the Gore’s, the Schwarzenegger’s, and the Edward’s, I start to wonder if it is even possible to stay married forever anymore. I hear a lot about the “old days’, but I have a lot of grandparents due to multiple re-marriages. My great-grandparents remained together, but one spouse died long before the other. So maybe those that stay married forever over a real long time period are the anomalies. Maybe now that we live longer and more women are able to support … Continue reading