Should Christmas Be Celebrated In Public Schools?

Recently there has been a lot of debate on whether or not public schools should celebrate or even acknowledge Christmas. Dr. Jerry Falwell, president of the Faith and Values Coalition, in an interview with CNN commented that he had a list of 40 areas where “other holidays may be talked about, such as Kwanza or Hanukah, et cetera, but Christmas has be berated.” He agreed that discussing the other holy holidays was appropriate but felt that leaving Christmas out was not only morally but constitutionally wrong. Those who fight Christmas claim they are doing so for those minorities that have … Continue reading

Easter at School

In a few previous articles I have questioned how much teachers and schools should put into holiday celebrations. Halloween and Christmas are two holidays that usually bring up some controversy in the school systems. Any time that religion can be a focus, parents can create an issue. Another holiday that is coming up soon is Easter. While Easter is typically not as controversial as Christmas or Halloween, it can bring up some discussion. Some people prefer to keep Easter as a religious holiday and pass up on the entire concept of the bunny, the eggs, and the hunting. Some schools … Continue reading

Reverend Jerry Falwell as Part of Pop Culture

I was a bit surprised when I searched Families and found no blogs about the passing of Reverend Jerry Falwell this past week. I know I must tread lightly as a blog about him seems more appropriate in a religion or even the education category as he was the founder of Liberty University. But, Reverend Falwell was certainly often in the public eye and I think he has a place in pop culture. He had two fairly public battles – one with a magazine publisher and a children’s televison character. The first public battle I remember was with publisher Larry … Continue reading