Just Because You Can’t See It…

I recently wrote about when you should call the insurance company in the case of household damage. I wanted to reiterate that just because you can’t see damage to your home does not mean it’s there. In our case, we could not see any damage on our very damaged roof. Most of the damage was from water that had come through and damaged to boards under the shingles and part of the ceilings. None of this was visible to us however because the front of our home was damage free, and the back which was heavily damaged could not be … Continue reading

The modern nanny must be able to homeschool

In searching for homeschool news on the internet, I keep noticing ads for nannies that ask for homeschooling qualifications. I am also noticing teachers offering their services as nanny/ homeschool teachers. More and more nannies are offering or are being asked to provide homeschool services to children they watch. I am not surprised that parents are hiring nannies who are good teachers as well because I have seen it in action in real life. If a family has a nanny and decides as the kids get older that homeschooling a good idea, it is a natural progression to keep the … Continue reading

Homeschool Cash: Can homeschooling be profitable?

(cc) image by Tracy O/flickr I recently stumbled across an advertisement that promises to show you how to make money by homeschooling. I wish I could give you the exact information, but I wasn’t about to buy the ebook to find out about something that seemed too good to be true. I did, however, manage to glean a bit of information from the advertisement. According to the claims in the article, by purchasing the Homeschool Cash program, you can make money by writing about information that you and your children research in the course of homeschooling. I am sure the … Continue reading

Should all homeschoolers join groups?

When the socialization question is posed to homeschoolers, the defense most used is that their kid participates in group activities or takes a class here and there. Recently, I have noticed people giving the advice that homeschoolers should HAVE to work in groups. I am hearing more and more that this is the only thing that would make homeschooling acceptable. While it is a good idea due to the fact that each family can use their strengths to teach the kids collectively, I don’t like the idea that it is being put out there that this IS THE WAY to … Continue reading

Famous People wno Homeschool their kids

It seems that the Hollywood elite have discovered the benefits of homeschooling. It was most recently reported that 7 year-old Maddox Jolie-Pitt has stopped attending school and gets regular visits from a tutor. Considering the busy lives of stars it makes great sense to homeschool. It would be a shame in my opinion for parents to travel the world with their work and for kids to be tied to their home so they don’t miss a day of school. The most celebrated homeschool mom is probably Lisa Whelchel who was a child actor who now homeschools her children. She was … Continue reading

Should you hire a high-end homeschool professional

In a tongue-in-cheek article that manages to kick homeschoolers a few times in the process, a Cityfile New York article introduces an entrepreneur supplies high end teachers to affluent homeschool families. The article, Homeschooling: Not Just for Cult Members and Celebs! introduces Melissa Meyer and Teri Flemal who have founded a company called QED (Quality Education by Design). This company is very close to what my husband had envisioned homeschooling should be like had we that kind of money. This homeschooling service is very similar to an Au-pair or nanny service, only these high paid professionals teach children in their … Continue reading