The Major Lessons Learned According to One of My Students

Today I asked one of my former students (an acting student) about what he learned from me. This wasn’t an internet survey but a face to face question over lunch in a common area. His answers were surprising and I’d like to share them with you. You’re never entirely certain what your students are learning until you hear back from them. Today I heard back from one of them. The first thing was a general overall thing this student learned from college in general: Time Management. If you read my fatherhood blog here at you’ll find that somewhat amusing. … Continue reading

What Makes a Teacher “Popular”?

As discussed in a previous article, this is the time of year when parents begin to think of their child’s teacher for the next school year. Some principals allow parents to request a teacher for their child. Other school administrators leave the decision up to the luck of the draw or random computer choice. Other schools use test scores and behavior records to divide the students into classrooms. No matter which way your child’s school selects homeroom teachers for students, there is likely a certain teacher that you either want or do not want for your child. In each school, … Continue reading

Who Will Be Your Child’s Teacher Next Year?

Many concerned parents begin to worry in the summer about which homeroom teacher their child will have the upcoming year. Some parents place requests while other parents leave the decision to the school. All schools have their own methods of placing students into classrooms. Schools also have their own timelines of carrying out this task. Some schools place students in the summer well before school begins. Teachers then send out letters to the students that will be in their classrooms. Other schools wait until after the final registration to determine which classrooms students will be in. In my county, kindergarten … Continue reading

Personalities in the Classroom

In a class of twenty children, there are bound to be all types of personalities. Some students are more outgoing, others are quiet, some are aggressive, and others are very passive. Some children tend to dominate wherever they go while other children are almost overlooked. As a teacher, it is very important to strive to create equality among the students. A good classroom has various learners and is not overflowing with one type of personality. However, it is sometimes easy to let dominate students control the activities and lessons. These students are always sitting with their hand up or yelling … Continue reading

Have You Ever Felt Jealous Of Your Child’s Teacher?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Ms. Jordan. I think she’s an excellent teacher. At the beginning of the year when she had over 20 five- and six-year-olds to deal with everyday, well, I think she deserves a round of applause for her patience. However, lately, I have noticed that when Tyler talks about her I can feel the green monster of jealousy rearing his big ugly head. I had read that this might happen. Until Tyler started school, I was his whole world. The words I uttered were golden. Now it’s, “Ms. Jordan said this, Ms. Jordan said that, … Continue reading