Do You Want To Yell Less and Love More?

The past three days have been very peaceful around here. Not quite, mind you, but peaceful nonetheless. I think that I know why, too. You see, a few days ago, I came across a wonderful blog called The Orange Rhino Challenge. The blog is a chronicle of one mom’s commitment to “Yell less, love more”. Once I read about how not yelling has made a huge difference for both The Orange Rhino and her family, I decided that I, too, want to stop yelling at my kids. I do my best not to yell, but it happens. I have yet … Continue reading

Freebies For You – Week of June 25, 2012

Ready for some more freebies? It can be difficult to track down a good freebie. They are scattered across the internet, and are not always heavily advertised. It takes a lot of time to search through various coupon blogs in order to find them. Here are a bunch of freebies for you that are conveniently placed into one blog. Chili’s has a “Kid’s Eat Free” deal going on. This deal is good on June 25, June 26, and June 27 of 2012. Get a FREE Kids’ Meal with the purchase of an adult entree. Make sure that you print out … Continue reading

What Can you Do?

One of the huge problem areas is the rise of sexual assault on girls by young males. This is largely due to the influence of pornography. Statistics show 70 percent of boys has viewed pornography by age 12 and 100 percent of boys under 15. Much of it is coming over the internet. One of our members here recently found her 7 year old viewing pornography online. To me then it is obvious that one of the first things parents need to do is set up protection filters on computers so it is less accessible. If all of us parents … Continue reading

How to not turn your homeschool into a school

The biggest mistake that most new homeschoolers make is turning the homeschool into a school. We purchase desks. We purchase formal curriculum. Some of us even resort to ringing bells and using chalkboards. While nothing is wrong with the elements in and of themselves, however, by creating a full fledged school experience takes the home out of homeschool. What you should be removing from the homeschool experience is the school. Here are some ideas that will keep you from turning your homeschool into a school. Don’t bother buying desks. Chances are your children will never sit in them. You may … Continue reading

Keep Your Focus

The other day I had a frightening experience. I’m not a confident person in the water, because I can’t swim well- only while my feet can touch bottom and I never put my face under water. The concept terrifies me. The beach we go to is usually calm, which is why we go there. But this day there were some largish waves. I was careful not to turn my back on them. Mick caught one of the waves into shore. In the process, he lost the cap he usually wears to protect his eyes from the sun. I turned to … Continue reading

Getting Out Stubborn Ink Stains

In my house, I have to hide all of the pens. This is because if I don’t, my two-year-old tends to create ink drawings all over himself and occasionally on a casual tan couch that we have in the play area. That isn’t all. Once school starts, my oldest son is bound to come home with stray pen marks on his clothes. it is just inevitable (sigh). Fortunately, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for getting out the stains. As with any new pretreatment or stain removal, you should test the fabric in an inconspicuous place, if you … Continue reading

Paula Abdul Should Quit While She is Ahead

Just when we all thought Paula Abdul’s 15 minutes were up an unknown singing competition came along and asked her to be a judge. Within a year’s time she became affiliated with one of the most popular shows in television history and her 15 minutes turned into an hour. Now the “American Idol” judge is looking to encroach on another hot TV competition—ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” For months now rumors have been flying that Abdul is in the process of making a deal with her bosses at FOX and execs with the mega-popular dancing contest so that she can … Continue reading

What To Do When Your Luggage Doesn’t Arrive When You Do

There have been a handful of times when I have arrived at my destination city and my luggage hasn’t. If you are a frequent flyer then you too have likely experienced the following: standing solo next to the baggage carousel long after the rest of your fellow passengers have been reunited with their luggage wondering if perhaps a handler had simply forgot to take your bags off the plane. Then reality sets in and you are sure your bags are half way to Timbuktu. Now what? If your wedding dress, lucky business suit or pricey Manolo Blahnik’s were tucked away … Continue reading

Commish to Britney: Keep Away From Your Kids!

So much for Britney Spears’ claim in OK! magazine that she would “die” for her kids. The trainwreck didn’t even bother to show up for a court appearance that could have helped her regain custody of her two young sons. Monday afternoon a court commissioner ruled that the derailed singer still may not see her children Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1. According to court documents, the boys father Kevin Federline maintains sole legal and physical custody of the kids “indefinitely.” “The word victory is not something Mr. Federline or his counsel would ascribe to this situation,” Federline’s lawyer, … Continue reading

5 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Memorize Math Facts

I have written before about my son who is intuitively “smart” in all things math and science. He is the type of kid who frankly, doesn’t need to memorize his math facts. He just ‘gets it’ and the extra reinforcement isn’t necessary. However, my daughter needs the reinforcement of drilling through math facts in order to gain ‘number sense’. Unfortunately, I think it goes against every grain in my being to do rote drills. I don’t even like workbooks because I think they are too “rote”. Just because you want your kids to learn their math facts though, doesn’t mean … Continue reading