When a Divorce Does Not Mean Your Marriage is Over

So when is your marriage really over? Many people think that the answer to this question is when the divorce is final in court. However for some people and couples that is not true. A marriage can last for a long time after the final papers have been issued. While the marriage may be over legally, it may not be over emotionally and mentally. Most people that have gone through a divorce will agree that while the final papers help with some closure, they do not erase the life that you once lived together and automatically let you start again … Continue reading

What You Might Not Have Known About Affairs

In my quest to find information about affairs and STDs I stumbled across “Infidelity: Myths, Facts and Healing,” an article by Ofer Zur, Ph.D. Dr. Zur discussed all manner of things related to affairs and presented some very interesting facts about them. Or at least I found them interesting. They were things I didn’t know. I listed my revelations below. 1. Finally! A concise definition of infidelity. Maybe Dr. Zur’s not the first to define it thusly, but of all the definitions I’ve read this one was most succinctly stated: “Infidelity is unfaithfulness to a sexual partner in an agreed … Continue reading

Signs of a Cheating Wife or Not?

I recently got into a lively discussion with a few friends about what constitutes signs of cheating for a wife. I love these kinds of discussions especially when the majority of participants are married and aren’t basing our argument on anything more than personal experience and opinions. So, with their amusement and permission, here’s a look at the signs we’ve compiled and some personal comments on them. Signs of Cheating or no? The collective wisdom of our group (comprised of 4 married participants and 1 soon-to-be-married) the signs of a cheating wife include: She maintains her prescription for birth-control pills … Continue reading

Is He Getting More Creative, or Cheating?

Suppose your husband (or wife) suddenly starts showing an interest in more creative activities in the bedroom, or maybe even in other areas of the home. It isn’t like things have always been oh-so routine, but this is a notable change. What’s your first thought? If you instantly think he must be cheating on you, take a deep breath and think it through. While it may be a possibility if there are issues or other signs that point to infidelity, it’s pretty unlikely if this is the only change. If you are really concerned, you might need to ask him … Continue reading

Ten Signs that Your Spouse may be Cheating

So you think your spouse might be cheating on you? The very fact that you are suspicious is a good indication that something sinister may be going on. That’s because we all have intuition. Whether you call it a “sixth sense,” “warning bells,” or “red flags,” trust that inner voice. Unless you are generally a suspicious person and have a history of being overly possessive and accusing, your fears are probably justified. I have personal experience with this, which explains this guest-blog. The multiple infidelities in my first marriage turned me into a housewife-by-day, detective-by-night. I got really good at … Continue reading

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger Call It Quits

Call me silly, but I didn’t see this one coming. Yesterday, it was announced that journalist Maria Shriver and the former governator Arnold Schwarzenegger are calling it quits. The couple has been married for 25 years, but they’ve been together even longer than that. They were introduced by Tom Brokaw in 1977. After about nine years of dating, the seemingly unusual couple married on April 26, 1986 in Hyannis, Massachusetts. They seemed like an odd couple because at the time, Schwarzenegger was a body builder turned actor who supported the Republican Party. Shriver, daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, was a … Continue reading

Oprah’s “Why Men Cheat” Controversy

Last week Oprah did a show called “How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage: Why Men Cheat Part 2.” I don’t know if she had the “Part 2” planned or not. From the previews it kind of sounded like they did it in response to all of the responses Part 1 generated. It was the previews that caught my attention. Since I wasn’t going to be able to watch the show when it aired, I recorded it. Saturday while Wayne and I were hanging out to nurse Murph, he was flipping through our recorded programs on the DVR and saw the Oprah … Continue reading

Man Sells His Life on Ebay after Divorce

The ending of marriage is difficult no doubt. The break-up is even harder if it was provoked by your mate and undesired by you. People deal with break-ups and divorces in all different ways. Some people get angry while others are upset and depressed. I have heard of people moving to different parts of the country and changing jobs and even hairstyles after a break-up. However, until now, I have never heard of anyone who actually sold his or her life. After his divorce a year ago, 44 year old Ian Usher from Australia decided that everything about him and … Continue reading

Never Fess Up to an Affair?

My last article discussed my amazement to a new book to be released that actually finds the positive side of affairs. I would like to take this article to give some discussion to my beliefs about the book. While I have not actually read the book, I have looked into some excerpts from it and gotten a good idea how the author feels and her point of views on cheating. My first thought was that perhaps a book about the positive side of affairs is a good idea. However I was more thinking in terms of from the perspective of … Continue reading