Discipline Do’s and Don’ts

As parents we are always looking for more effective techniques that show us how to deal with common problems that we all face. Discipline is one of those areas. In the November issue of Parents, they offer five tips for discipline do’s and don’ts. (1) Don’t Bribe— Most of us are guilty of bribing our kids at one time are another to either get them to do something or not do something. Giving our kids rewards for work well-done is okay but we have to resist the urge to reward them in other instances, for example, giving them candy to … Continue reading

Discipline and the Plan of Salvation

I am the kind of person who overplans and overanalyzes pretty much everything. Lest you think I am exaggerating, at the age of thirteen, I worried that someone might break into our home, so I practiced walking around barefoot in the woods in case I had to flee, shoeless, in the middle of the night. So you can only imagine how far into overdrive I shifted before I gave birth to my daughter five and a half years ago. And if you are a parent, you can also imagine how much of that has gone out the window. Not that … Continue reading

Six Universal Rules of Discipline

I’ve written several blogs on behavior and discipline, but sometimes it’s best to get back to basics. As parents we need to occasionally refresh our memories about the no-nonsense, ABCs of keeping things under control. These principles will work with children who have all kinds of disabilities or behavior problems. You’ve already heard all these points in different ways at different times. But how are you doing, really? Have you drifted into an anything-goes mentality, where you just react angrily to whatever your kid is doing? Is it time to reassess your parenting technique? Here are Six Universal Rules of … Continue reading

The Light… it’s so Beautiful… ZAP! (ADHD)

Like a moth captivated by the brightest, closest light, a child with ADHD is often transfixed by whatever is currently causing him the most stimulation. It might be a video game, television show, spinning top, mechanical toy, or even tree branches making funny shapes on the windowsill. Perhaps there are several “bright lights” right beside one another, competing for the child’s attention. Or maybe there are many. This is where the “AD” or “attention-deficit” portion of the diagnosis comes into play. The child is able to focus, but not necessarily on what he’s supposed to. Again, he is drawn to … Continue reading

Disciplining Your Special Needs Child

How do you deal with that temper tantrum your child displays in Wal Mart? Do you want to crawl under the table while your little angel is being obnoxious when the family is dining out? What do you do when he is misbehaving and is oblivious to your threats of punishment? There are tactics you can employ when your child is consistently disobedient. First and foremost, use discipline sensibly. Whatever method of punishment you choose, remember to enforce it firmly and dependably. Consistency is the cornerstone of discipline. Displaying overprotective tendencies by letting bad behavior go unpunished, never helps your … Continue reading

Disney does what Parents can’t – Stops Kids Whining!

First of all I should say that I’m not knocking parenting skills here. I’m a mom with 2 preschoolers, one of which has Aspergers and so I’m all too familiar with kids who need to express emotions, get tired of waiting, need to move about etc, it’s all part of the parenting package to have to deal with that kind of behavior from time to time. Having said that, the one place that I’ve yet to see kids have a meltdown is in a Disney park. On my first trip to Disney World I was a single person in my … Continue reading