Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to the 11th Month of the Year!

Can it really be November 1st already? That’s the part about the mad dash towards Halloween that always seems startling, the very next morning it’s November 1st and in my family, that means heading in towards the holidays. What lists we may have compiled, what gifts we may have already purchased or picked up and what plans we may have already made go under the microscope as we get ready for the last eight to nine weeks of the year. In three short weeks, it will be the week of Thanksgiving and on the very last day of the month, … Continue reading

Thoughtfulness – Or the Lack Thereof

There is an amazing thing that happens in some marriages and when you notice it in your own, you may find yourself at a loss for words. But the truth is, loss for words or not, it’s important to address the situation for what it is. Now that I’ve done all that build up, what am I talking about? I’m talking about the thoughtfulness that we demonstrate to our friends, coworkers and neighbors that we seem to forget when we walk in our front doors. This can actually be a problem that creeps up in your marriage. It’s not one … Continue reading