Miss Sleeping On Your Tummy?

Technically speaking, there is really no harm in sleeping on your belly when you are pregnant since your baby is safely floating around in a liquid bubble that cannot be compressed. But, I doubt you’ll see any woman in her second or third trimester try it. Would you want to sleep on top of a beach ball? It’s far from comfortable! Some women are so used to sleeping on their tummy, though, that they find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep in any other position. Personally, it took me months to get used to sleeping on my side. … Continue reading

More Fun Pregnancy Symptoms: Leg Cramps

In the middle of the night a few weeks ago I woke up with a terrible pain in my leg.  I cried out about it, and immediately began trying to rub and move my leg.  My more-than-half-asleep husband drowsily watched me do this.  He watched me try to bend my leg, to rub it, to put weight and hobble around the room on it.  When I made it to the bathroom he followed me, and asked me if I thought I was just having Braxton-Hicks.  In my leg.  Now we know that if I go into labor in the middle … Continue reading

Pregnancy Awareness Month (Part II)

With the support of “Healthy Child Healthy Word.” P.A.M. are getting the word out about healthy pregnancy. Today’s blog will focus on what P.A.M. has found to be the Five Things Pregnant Woman Complain About. Number One: Excess Weight Gain Pregnancy plays quite the number on the pregnant woman’s body. During pregnancy a woman’s body goes into storage mode. So that pint of ice cream you could eat pre-pregnancy and burn off with a good cardio, isn’t going to happen during pregnancy. The recommended weight gain for a pregnant women with a healthy BMI is 25-35 pounds. There are many … Continue reading

Temporary and Permanent Changes

I experienced many changes with my first pregnancy. Some of these changes were permanent while others were only temporary. Some of these changes were good while others where entirely unwanted. Change is inevitable and a necessary part of life. I experienced more changes in that 9 month period than I did in my entire life. Temporary Changes: I experienced chronic fatigue and nausea accompanied by frequent vomiting from week 5 through week 15 of my first pregnancy. I also gained weight steadily in my 2nd and 3rd trimesters. With a sustained diet and exercise, I was able to lose most … Continue reading

Getting Enough Rest with Multiple Children

The importance of rest during pregnancy is well documented. Any woman who has ever been pregnant will tell you that getting enough rest is one of the best things you can do for you and your baby. You will find that you are tired sooner at night and even in the middle of the day, especially in the first trimester and late in the third. Getting enough rest is generally not very difficult with the first pregnancy. You have no other children to care for, so you can take a nap whenever you feel tired. Even if you are working, … Continue reading

Reducing Snoring in Pregnancy

Snoring is not uncommon during pregnancy. Researchers estimate that approximately 30% of all pregnant women snore to some degree during pregnancy. Some women snore occasionally and others snore every night. There are several causes of airway restriction that result in snoring. Weight is one factor in snoring. Women who gain more than the recommended 25-35 pounds are at greater risk of snoring. The more weight a woman gains, the more likely that snoring will be a problem. Another factor is airway restriction that results from asthma. Women with asthma are more likely to snore. Nasal congestion also contributes to the … Continue reading

Snoring in Pregnancy

Many women find they snore during pregnancy. Snoring is the result of obstructed airways, which make normal breathing difficult during sleep. Snoring can vary from a light snore to loud noise that disrupts the sleep of the pregnant woman and her partner. Nasal congestion, which is common in pregnancy, can contribute to the problem. For most people, snoring is merely an annoying problem for the partner and the woman if her sleep is disrupted. In some cases, the problem may be sleep apnea and may require treatment. A few studies suggest that snoring may not always be benign. A 2000 … Continue reading

Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Most pregnant women experience insomnia at some point in their pregnancies. For some, insomnia can become a serious problem. When you consistently lose sleep at night, it will affect your life during the day. You may feel tired in the day time and experience mood changes. Taking over the counter or prescription sleep medications is generally not considered safe during pregnancy. The side effects with some of these drugs makes them unsafe. Others haven’t been studied on pregnant women, so doctors are hesitant to recommend them to patients with insomnia. The best bet is to try some natural remedies to … Continue reading

Your Back & Pregnancy

One of the most common problems you may encounter during pregnancy is back pain. It’s unsurprising that your back will hurt when you are carrying an additional 30 pounds of weight in your abdominal area and your center of gravity changes. Also the s-shaped curve of your back is deeply accentuated. This increases the stress on both your upper and your lower back. Your breasts also grow significantly larger when you are pregnant. The engorgement begins by the end of the first trimester and this increases the amount of stress on your upper and lower back. So back pain is … Continue reading