Smoking May Increase Your Risk of Having a Cross-Eyed Baby

Let’s review some of the many problems that smoking can cause for growing families: 1. Studies have found a link between smoking and infertility. 2. If you do conceive, and you continue to smoke, the consequences become more and more devastating. During pregnancy, smoking can lead to complications such as miscarriage, low birth weight and even still birth. 3. After pregnancy, smoking continues to put infants at risk. Smoking in the home has been linked to an increased risk of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. 4. It also leads to behavioral problems in children, such as ADHD, or Attention … Continue reading

Smoking During Pregnancy May Lead to Behavior Problems in Children

I spend a lot of time reading through blogs and news related to pregnancy. Pregnancy has been around since the beginning of mankind (obviously), and yet there are always new headlines. But once in a while, I run across something, usually a study, that makes me want to slap my monitor and say “duh!” Sometimes you wonder why our money is being spent on research that concludes with what most of us would consider common sense. (Okay, stepping off my soap box now.) One such study gives us one more reason to not smoke during pregnancy. If the health risks … Continue reading

Trying to Get Pregnant? Avoid Secondhand Smoke

Several research studies have shown a link between cigarette smoking and fertility problems. Quitting smoking has been touted as an important step in enhancing fertility. But, that may not be enough. New research now shows a potential link between fertility issues and secondhand smoke. A study conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center found women exposed to second hand smoke were significantly more likely to have trouble conceiving a baby than women with no exposure. According to researchers, this could be adult exposure or even exposure to secondhand smoke during childhood. Approximately half the women in the secondhand smoke … Continue reading

Pregnancy Blog Review August 8 – August 21

The summer is quickly drawing to a close and if you are pregnant, it is probably going as fast as yoru pregnancy. In the pregnancy blog, I attempt to cover a range of topics related to conception, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time with your new baby. The review is a great way to get caught up on past blogs. Follicular ultrasound is used in combination with many infertility medications and treatments. This form of vaginal ultrasound is used to allow your doctor to check the progress of developing follicles in the ovaries. The information is used to adjust medications … Continue reading

Quit Smoking for a Calmer Baby

As if there weren’t enough good reasons to quit smoking during pregnancy, it appears another can be added to the list. Quitting smoking may result in a more relaxed baby, according to researchers. It appears that a mother’s smoking habits may have an affect on the baby’s temperament. The study was conducted by UK and US researchers at the University of Illinois and the University of York. The study looked at 18,000 infants. The mothers were classified into four groups: non smokers, smokers who quit during the pregnancy, very light smokers and heavy smokers. Information was collected about the pregnancy, … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Blog Review for Feb 25 – March 14

The pregnancy blog covers all topics related to conception, pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum time after the baby arrives. The blog review is a good place to view the recently covered topics. You can also browse by category on the right side of the page. Gestational diabetes affects about five percent of all pregnant women. The glucose test done in the second trimester screens for this condition. If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you will have to learn to manage the condition and monitor your blood sugar levels. Learn more in Managing Gestational Diabetes. If you have not … Continue reading

One More Reason to Quit Smoking

There are a million reasons to quit smoking. Kicking the habit is the best thing you can do for your baby when you learn you are pregnant. In addition, there are many health benefits for mommy. Recent research has shown another good reason to quit now. You will reduce your risk of developing pre-eclampsia if you quit smoking. Pre-eclampsia is a form of pregnancy induced hypertension. Women with pre-eclampsia have high blood pressure and protein in the urine. This is a serious condition for both the mother and baby, often resulting in bed rest and preterm birth. A UK study … Continue reading

Study About Beef and Sperm Count

The title of this blog may be a bit misleading. No, the beef you serve your husband for dinner won’t lower his sperm count. However, if his mother ate beef every night, it may be a cause of his lower than normal sperm count. A new study shows that women who eat a lot of beef during their pregnancies can have sons with a lower sperm count. The study was conducted by the Center for Reproductive Epidemiology at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, New York. The study looked at about 400 men born between 1949 and 1983. … Continue reading

Increasing Male Fertility

About one quarter of infertile couples have trouble conceiving due to issues with male fertility, most often a low sperm count. If male factor infertility is suspected, your doctor will want to perform a semen analysis. This test looks at both the number and the quality of the sperm. Many doctors start with this test, since diagnosing male factor infertility is easier than female infertility and the doctor may want to rule it out before starting a battery of tests on the woman. A diagnosis of male factor infertility is difficult, but it isn’t necessarily the end of the road … Continue reading

Couple Stress: Trying to Conceive a Baby

There are several hardships that couples may find along the road of a marriage. As a couple, you will face many life milestones together. You will grow together and experience new things together. Some experiences will be full of greatness and joy and others may be difficult and trying. How the couple deals with these can greatly contribute to the strength and lasting of the marriage. One of those experiences for many married couples is the decision to conceive a baby. Deciding to have a baby is a big and exciting step for both partners. It can be a loving, … Continue reading