Author Interview – Aubrey Mace on Life Lessons

We are joined today by new author Aubrey Mace. If you missed the first part of our discussion with Aubrey, click here to catch up. Aubrey, like the main character in your novel, “Spare Change,” you work in a cancer treatment center. What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned from working with cancer patients? Mostly that life is uncertain, and even though you think you have a lifetime to do all the things you want, you never know when it might be cut short. My stepbrother, who I mention at the beginning of the book, lost his … Continue reading

Author Interview – Aubrey Mace

Last week, I had the pleasure of reviewing “Spare Change.” Today I am joined by the author of that delightful chick lit romance, Aubrey Mace. Aubrey, thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to chat with me. Is “Spare Change” your first book? This is actually my second book, although it is the first to be published. The more I talk to other authors, I hear that’s pretty common. There was about a year between when I finished the first book and when I started working on this one, and there was a time that I … Continue reading

Spare Change – Aubrey Mace

Riley hates New Year’s Resolutions. She makes them every year, and every year, she fails to complete them. She thinks she’ll just skip the whole thing for once, but her mother insists. Deciding to make the easiest resolution ever, Riley sets her goal—she’ll save her pennies all year long and at the end, she’ll buy something nice for herself. This plan only lasts a short time, though. She works in a care center for cancer patients, and as she sees them come in day after day for their chemotherapy, her heart is touched and she wants to do something to … Continue reading

Has the Piggy Bank Left Us for Good?

I can’t remember the last time I saw a piggy bank outside a Toy Story movie. It used to be that every child had one, although I’m unsure as to the history of the piggy bank, or why someone thought that sticking money into a porcelain pig was a great idea. But the point is, children used to earn their allowance by doing jobs, and then they would carefully plunk their coins into the back of their little piggy, and then they’d rattle it to see if it sounded any different. It was a ritual, a happy childhood tradition. In … Continue reading

Media Week in Review – May 5th-10th

Thank you for joining us at our look back at the week here in Media. We began the week with a look at the Christian novel, “A Bride Most Begrudging.” Constance was mistakenly sent as a tobacco bride to the new colonies in America, but she discovers that perhaps this new land holds more for her than she ever thought. American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken released another album this week, and the legendary Neil Diamond has a new offering coming soon as well. I guess we’ll all be standing in line at the music store or hovering on our favorite … Continue reading