Alternatives to Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival

If you love the idea of Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival but the high prices and pressing crowds aren’t for you, then Walt Disney World’s still got you covered with a couple similar options. First up, if you’re in town on September 30, when the festival opens, consider purchasing a ticket for the First Bites Opening Reception. Announced Monday on the Disney Parks blog, exactly one month before the festival’s kickoff, the First Bites Opening Reception offers the best of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in a classier, more intimate setting. The reception, held from 6:30 p.m.-9:00 … Continue reading

“Spirit Beasts” at Epcot

Coming from a literary background, I love examining the interconnectivity between stories. I am especially addicted to studies on how stories function and overlap in different forms, be it literature, film, television, art, or anything else. For example, Disney’s now-defunct “Dreams Come True” exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art, which explored the connection between Disney’s movies and their fairy-tale sources. I’ve lamented a few times the fact that the exhibition only appeared in New Orleans for five months, and Disney has no plans at the moment to run it anywhere else. Now Disney’s teasing me again. The official … Continue reading

Disney Augments Reality

No matter how I feel about the current direction of Disney movies, the Disney parks are truly committed to continuing Walt’s vision. One of the many things that made Walt Disney famous was his constant innovation, be it in animation or technology. Epcot is a perfect example of how Walt’s dedication to being on the cutting technological edge was constantly on display in his parks. The Disney parks Imagineers have continued in Walt’s spirit to this day. One of the latest examples of that is through augmented reality. Techie blog, a site often dedicated to exploring advancements in augmented … Continue reading

International Disney Deals

A little while ago I gave you information on special discounts being offered at Disney World and Disneyland. Now I’ve come back with similar deals made available for two of Disney’s international parks. If you’re making a trip to Disneyland Paris anytime soon, you might want to consider some of these special packages. Depending on when you’re booking your trip, you have a chance to receive a free day and night at one of the resort’s hotels, either 6 days and 5 nights for the price of 5 and 4, or 5 days and 4 nights for the price of … Continue reading

Disney English Learning Centers in China

I know I haven’t been very supportive of Disney’s business deals in China, but recent news from The Washington Post finds me giving at least a partial thumbs up to one of Disney’s latest branding efforts there. In fact, this particular story starts in the city about which I blasted Disney’s efforts to build a new theme park: Shanghai. While there’s not much more news on Disney building its second Chinese theme park there, and whether it’s improved its dealings with the locals it would be displacing, in 2008 Disney did do something good for the city of Shanghai: open … Continue reading