Strange Ideas about Christians

People sometime have strange ideas about Christians. Too often the media wants to lump all Christians in the one basket. So do a lot of other people. The reality is Christians are a varied lot. What they do have in common is a saving faith in the work of Christ on the cross. Some Christians will not touch alcohol. They see alcohol as a major problem in society, which it is, and one that often causes other problems making people behave in a way that they would not normally do. So they choose to abstain from alcohol. The problem occurs … Continue reading

Appalled at Behavior

I admit sometimes I am appalled at the behavior of other Christians. In particular I feel strongly about people who are so intent on getting their point of view across that they think their right to speech overrides sensitivity, tact and the pain of other people. Take for example the behavior of those who protested at military funeral. While the law upheld they have a right to free speech, a bit of tact and empathy wouldn’t go astray. For some people learning to be sensitive to other people’s pain is something that is not easily learned it would appear. When … Continue reading

Is Your Church a Lifeboat?

Recently in Jervis Bay, a boat was capsized by one of many whales stopping off in the bay on their way back south with their calves. Ideally a lifeboat would have been handy to scoop them up and take them to shore. But there wasn’t one around. However, the fishermen were able to swim to shore and safety. Back in June this year Andrew Heard, pastor at Central Coast Evangelical Church visited the church I was part of at the time. This is the question he asked our congregation, ‘Is your church a life-boat that saves those who are drowning?’ … Continue reading