Dump the Storage Unit and Get Out of Debt

According to the New York Times, the number of self-storage units in the United States is on the rise. Unfortunately, most people really don’t need self-storage units. They are usually a waste of money and can contribute to debt. Dumping the storage unit can offer you instant savings. There are very few smart reasons to have a storage unit, and the majority of these require only temporary storage. For example, if a family is moving to a new home and is temporarily renting a furnished apartment while they wait to close on the new house. Renting a self-storage unit year … Continue reading

What Does F.I.T.N.E.S.S. Stand For?

What does F.I.T.N.E.S.S. stand for? “F” stands for functional intensity training (FIT). This is a combination of cardio and weight training. You receive a more well-rounded approach to exercise when you incorporate both. “I” stands for intense. You have to be intense about exercise if you truly want to succeed. Without it, you are going to quickly lose your motivation. “T” stands for try. You need to try new things. If you stick to the same old routine or the same old exercises, you will get bored. Be adventurous. Here are some ideas to help you out: yoga, circuit training, … Continue reading

Understanding How You Got Into Debt

For most of us, debt comes softly. Bills sort of sneak up until you are left wondering what happened. Understanding how you go into debt is very important. This understanding will not only help you to get back out of debt, but it will also help prevent you from getting back into it. Try to trace back to a time when you weren’t in debt. What was different? Have you always been in debt? What did you learn about handling money from your parents? Common causes of debt include spending more than you make, or overspending, a sudden or unexpected … Continue reading

Tackling Time-Wasters and Distractions – Part 1

Today I am starting a three part series on time, with today looking at how we can tackle time-wasters and distractions. Let’s face it, sometimes time is just not on our side. But it can also be that we haven’t been making the best use of it. There is nothing I hate worse (but am guilty of indulging in) than things that waste my time and distract me. Not only does it make me ineffective but it causes me to become stressed. That’s because I fall behind on things and then in an effort to make it all up, find … Continue reading

Ways to Make Thanksgiving Less Stressful for Kids With ASD

Thanksgiving is typically celebrated by spending time with family, and eating a big meal. This is a day that is going to completely throw off the schedule that your autistic child is used to. This can make things stressful for both the child, and his or her parents. Here are some tips to make coping with Thanksgiving a little bit easier on your child. Kids who have an autism spectrum disorder rely on there being a consistent schedule. When school is out due to a holiday, like Thanksgiving, this can cause your child to feel some stress. Suddenly, everything he … Continue reading

Less Mess, Less Stress

Let’s face it, the less mess you have, the less stress you have. Well, perhaps that isn’t true for everyone. My children have friends whose families don’t seem to care too much about the state of their home. But I think for the most part, we are much more relaxed and happy when the house is in order. Sometimes I can walk into a room and instantly feel stressed. There is a pile of dishes in the sink, the floor is sticky, the counters haven’t been wiped off, the George Forman was left out and no one bothered to clean … Continue reading

Combating Stress with Fitness

How do you handle stress? What do you turn to? While some may turn to junk food, the television or shopping…others are learning that the best way to not only combat stress but even help prevent it is through exercise. Stress management is something many of us could learn today. Life is coming at us in all directions and it can easily cause us to feel overwhelmed and sucked under. It can also lead to serious health problems. So learning how to combat stress is the best way to stay healthy. If you engage in regular physical activity, you are … Continue reading

Managing Stress Centers: Getting Home

It has been a long day at the office, or at the school, or out and about. You get home. You’re tired. The children are tired. You all need dinner. This is when you need a professional cook. If you don’t have one, how do you organize your home so that you can feel good about getting home? This is something that we are still working on. My husband works late and sometimes stays at work, so usually it’s just me and my daughter. We do television in the morning but not in the afternoon. This means that on work … Continue reading

A Fit Mind and a Fit Body

A fit mind will probably get you further than a fit body. However, I also believe that a fit mind can lead to a fit body. On my quest to finally get this fitness thing down right, I have been making some new discoveries about myself. It’s that whatever is in my mind influences what I do. My thoughts turn into actions. Sometimes those thoughts are negative and they turn into negative actions, like snacking too much or skipping exercise for that day. Other times my thoughts are positive and it turns into positive actions, like taking an apple instead … Continue reading

TV Watching and the Toddler

Most toddlers have short attention spans and will, thankfully, limit their own television watching. Unhealthy habits can form when kids get too much TV. The general rule is for a child to view no more than 30 minutes of television a day. Even educational programming counts against this time. Educational programming does provide great information, but most toddlers will learn these skills in due time without having to watch it on television. Experts say that kids, who watch more than 30 minutes of TV a day, are developing sedentary lifestyle habits, which will be hard to overcome when they get … Continue reading