Taking Stock of Your Work and Business History

Just because we are running our home businesses, doesn’t mean that we cease being individuals with a valid work history. In fact, there are probably large chunks of our work history that we draw on, and that influences the work we do in our home businesses. It can be helpful to periodically evaluate and take stock in that work history to see if we are utilizing our learned skills and continuing to build and develop solid, “marketable” skills. Keeping an updated resume’ is still important—even if you plan to be running your home business forever and NEVER returning to the … Continue reading

Succeeding in Home Business by Acting “As If”

Likely, you hear enough negativity and can come up with plenty of reasons when pressed why your home business “might not” succeed. In the early stages, and during tough and bumpy times, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. However, like other things in life, assuming that you will and are succeeding and acting “as if” your home business is already a booming success may be just the thing to keep you motivated and help you “fake it, until you make it”… The mind is a powerful thing, and somewhere in the back of our minds, … Continue reading

Analysis VS. Action

The process of analyzing does not always have to be the opposite of “action.” In fact, in many cases, analysis is the process we perform as we figure out what to do and decide how we are going to act. Sometimes, we even find ourselves doing the analyzing AFTER we’ve jumped into action. Regardless, in a home business, both the ability to make the most of analysis and to take action when the need arises is important skills to cultivate and develop. The process of analysis involves not only taking in all of the information about the problem or situation … Continue reading

The Importance of Tenacity—Sticking To It

Perhaps there is no single quality or personal trait that can most affect a home business’ success than tenacity—the ability to just hold on to that drive and stick to it, even when the times get tough and can seem overwhelming. Even if you don’t think you are a naturally tenacious person, you can foster tenacity to improve your chances at building a successful home business and help you weather the bumps and storms that come with entrepreneurialism. Think of tenacity as a commitment and a resolve to focus on your home business venture. Just making that mental commitment can … Continue reading