Selena Gomez to Star in New Prank Show?

This spring is full of news about the Disney Channel. Coming off both the return of the Disney Channel Games and the announcement of a new television series, Hollywood Life published rumors of a new show for the channel starring Selena Gomez. ‘Wait,’ you might say. ‘Isn’t this the sort of thing Disney Channel execs should avoid?’ Sure, they always try to milk their stars for all they’re worth, but the network is already under fire for overworking Demi Lovato. Why would they go and make the same mistake with Gomez? First off, “Wizards of Waverley Place” wraps up its … Continue reading

“Suite” Star to Helm New Series

Say what you might about the Disney Channel, but it’s excellent at renewing its popular properties. As its stars grow up and want to move on to other material, it often manages to spin new shows out of the ones coming to an end. It also usually gets a movie or two, sometimes even for the big screen, out of its shows. Many times the Disney Channel creates spin-offs of its already existing shows. Even if it doesn’t manage that, it will take a popular secondary character and base a new program around that actor or actress. Popular program “The … Continue reading

Disney Senior Class Trip

Disney World might be ending its decades-long Grad Nite event this year, but that doesn’t mean execs want to miss out on all the revenue brought into the park by partying seniors. In an effort to retain its status as a popular stop for high school kids celebrating their matriculation, Disney World announces its Grad Nite replacement: the Disney Senior Class Trip. Instead of offering a few nights toward the end of the school year during which the Magic Kingdom turns into a seniors-only party destination, Senior Class Trip options are available year-round. Anyone who is a high school senior … Continue reading

Walt Disney and the U.S. State Department

About a month ago I learned of the most interesting rumor about “Saludos Amigos” and “The Three Caballeros.” The little-known 1940s flicks, which feature Donald Duck traveling to Central and South America, meeting, and having adventures with Brazilian parrot Jose Carioca and Mexican rooster Panchito Pistolas, were supposedly commissioned by the U.S. State Department. As soon as I read this, I instantly had to know more. I really wanted to learn the real story, if one existed, behind the rumor and share it with you here. I couldn’t do that, however, until I was able to find at least some … Continue reading