Moms for Moms – Disney World Panel

I love discovering neat opportunities for moms to get advice and suggestions from other moms. Today’s great opportunity is The Walt Disney World Moms Panelists. The site has great videos on how to do everything from pack for your Disney World vacation to getting away for a weekend with friends and no kids. Typically, I wouldn’t advise you to get these ideas from another site, but it’s all hosted by the Walt Disney World Forums and endorsed by the mouse itself. So I wanted to share some real gems. Among my favorite video How Tos are: Disney For All Ages … Continue reading

Disney World Parenting Tips

You may think that parenting is the same at Disney as it is at home. You would be right, but the problem is that a lot of parents focus on leniency as a way of keeping the peace when they are in the heavily crowded areas that comprise the parks. Yes, you may be more lenient when you are at the parks, but don’t sacrifice discipline and order just to avoid a whine or a complaint. Gluttony Disney World is a great huge invitation for gluttony. After all, there are tons of souvenirs from hats to clothes to toys and … Continue reading

Don’t Get Rained Out of the Parks

When you travel to Disney World or any Disney park for that matter, rain may sound like a bad thing – but unless it’s a hurricane, rain can actually be pretty great to your Disney experience. Be sure to pack some rain ponchos in your luggage and you can pick them up pretty cheap at your local Wal-mart. If you go with a bright color scheme, it will help you keep track of each other while moving around the parks. The Perk of Rain Lots of people stay indoors when it rains, so lines are shorter at the parks. During … Continue reading

The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacres

If you head over to Toontown in the Magic Kingdom you will discover a small, but charming roller coaster designed for young children. The roller coaster itself is hardly impressive for those of us over the age of 12, but if you’re paying a call on Disney World with preschoolers in tow – this is a must see. The Barnstormer The ride requires you to be 35” tall at least and the best times to head over to the Barnstormer is usually early in the morning before 10:30 or during one of the parades. The ride itself lasts less than … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review for April 23 – 26

I love Disney. I think I’ve said that plenty of times here, but each time I sit down to write or read something in the Disney blog, I am instantly reminded of all the great and fun memories I have of Disney products, movies, amusement parks and more. What I love most about Disney, however, is not their merchandising, their rides or even their movies – it’s their ability to inspire the imagination and to transport us to other worlds and other times. So what did we talk about this week in Disney? Monday, April 23 Planning a vacation to … Continue reading

A Hidden Jewel: The Timekeeper

One of the true pleasures of going to Disney World or Disneyland is going to see the attractions hosted within the parks. One of these attractions must be new because I don’t recall seeing it the last time I was there (2005), but trust me – it’s on the top of my list to see the next time I set foot in the Magic Kingdom. What is this jewel that is making the top of my list? It’s called: The Timekeeper The Timekeeper is a time-travel movie adventure that is open seasonally. The presentation lasts about 20 minutes and you … Continue reading