Mickey Mouse is Back: New Shorts to Air on TV

Mickey Mouse is back.  Whether this is the reinvention that Disney execs promised years ago remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Disney’s most famous character is going to be a star yet again.  Mickey’s returning to his roots, in a series of animated shorts to debut on the Disney Channel and Disney Online this June.  Entertainment Weekly has the details. Disney Television Animation has been hard at work creating 19 new shorts starring the famous mouse, his girlfriend Minnie, and surely many of his other most popular cohorts, all to reintroduce Mickey to fans young and old.  … Continue reading

Princess John Carter of Mars

This is the story of a guy called John Carter. He’s a protagonist from a series of Edgar Rice Burroughs science fiction novels. The first is called “The Princess of Mars” because the book is as much about Dejah Thoris, the titular princess, as it is about Carter. Today Disney releases its adaptation of the book, called “John Carter.” Wait, what? “John Carter” sounds like an Oscar-bait movie about an unassuming middle management guy who has a mid-life crisis and learns the meaning of family, or something like that. It definitely doesn’t bring the genre “space epic” to mind. So … Continue reading

Tangled Ever After

I don’t know how in all of my reading reports from D23 I managed to miss this piece of news. I guess I was just so excited about the newly announced Pixar films and spoilers from “The Avengers” that this slipped through the cracks. Then one day while reading on animation website Cartoon Brew I learned that at the con, Disney also announced plans for another “Tangled” movie. When I first read about “Tangled Ever After,” I was so excited by the prospect of getting to return to this world that what the announcement really meant completely escaped me. But … Continue reading

Monsters, Marple, and Merida

Earlier this week saw the announcement of saw the announcement of two new Disney movies, one that was already rumored in production, and the first stills from another highly anticipated film. The first is Pixar’s next sequel, the previously titled “Monster’s Inc. 2.” NME Movie News revealed that Pixar didn’t say much about the film, merely that it would again star John Goodman as Sully and Billy Crystal as Mike. We do, however, have a title for the movie, and it is the most creative yet. Rather than just adding another number to the end, the new “Monster’s Inc.” film … Continue reading

Pixar Loses “Alma”

Disney’s dropped the ball. This year Pixar animator Rodrigo Blaas put out a short called “Alma” that he created on his own time. Pixar or Disney did not make or distribute it. I admit that when I first skimmed the story and watched the short, I assumed that “Alma” was a Pixar production. The first thing out of my lips when finishing “Alma” was “wow.” It was fantastic, but not like what I’d expect from Pixar, especially for the frothy, if brilliant, clips they put in front of their feature lengths. It boasts a sinister ending, though not one so … Continue reading

Disney’s Back with “Tangled”

The original Rapunzel has little voice. Her own story is named for her, but she has next to no agency within it. Her prince doesn’t fair much better; like many princes in fairy tales though he has a bit more control over his destiny he doesn’t appear important enough to earn his own name. “Tangled” changes all of that. Disney’s latest movie, which has the distinction of being the 50th full-length animated film to come from the House of Mouse, is probably not the first to deepen the characters of the Rapunzel myth’s two leads. But it’s the best I’ve … Continue reading

“Cars 2” Trailer Released

I’ve possibly been a bit unfair towards “Cars” in complaining that it gets a sequel, the forthcoming “Cars 2,” when it’s my least favorite Pixar film. I know “Toy Story 3” was fantastic, but I just wasn’t as excited for it or into it as I have been for years about Pixar, because I’m sad that they’re not being encouraged to further innovation. Unfortunately for it, “Cars 2” has borne the brunt of my disgruntlement over the whole issue. Its existence incorporates all the things I don’t like about the direction in which Walt Disney Corp. CEO Bob Iger is … Continue reading

What About the Princes, Pt. 2

On Monday I introduced the concept that the stereotypical images presented by the leading men in Disney films might have a harmful impact on young boys’ growing ideals. I suggested that many of the main male characters in Disney films are one-dimensional and teach boys that good looks and martial prowess are essential facets of the ideal man. We need to look at the overall image the Disney princes/men present to young boys. Most of them are princes, and even those who aren’t are still handsome, dashing, and masterful in a fight. So that’s the sort of men boys think … Continue reading

Disney Purchases Facebook Gaming Company

Walt Disney Corporate’s certainly busy buying up companies lately. First they officially took charge of Pixar, then Marvel, and now, according to the Washington Times, they’re preparing to buy Playdom for $563.2 million. So what’s Playdom? If you’ve ever played a game on Facebook like Sorority Life or Social City, then you’ve used a Playdom product; Playdom makes many of the little games available for play on Facebook, MySpace, or fancier cell phones. Playdom isn’t the only electronic/online property Disney’s snatched recently. Just a month ago it also purchased Tapulous, the maker of a popular iPhone music game, and in … Continue reading

Disney’s Comic-Con 2010 Schedule

If there’s one place I maybe want to visit more than Disney, it’s Comic-Con. The crowds at Comic-Con turn me off a bit, but they are part of the experience as much as queuing in line at a Disney park. Since its inception in the late 1970s, Comic-Con has morphed from a smallish gathering for fans of comic books, to the mother of mega-conventions including not only “genre” entertainment like science fiction and fantasy films, but hosting panels on popular movies, television shows, and other media. Of course Disney has a presence at Comic-Con, especially because many years Disney fare … Continue reading