Disneyland: The Most Sued Place on Earth

I made a strange assertion in my article about the girl kicked out of Disney World for wearing a Tinker Bell outfit: that a lot of people like to sue Disney. It’s something I said because, following Disney news professionally for the past 3 years, I’ve noticed a few lawsuits brought against the parks for one reason or another. Apparently I’m not the only one to notice the trend; The Orange County Register recently published an article focusing on how two southern California amusement parks, Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland, are frequently the targets of lawsuits. The most recent involved … Continue reading

Tangled Ever After

I don’t know how in all of my reading reports from D23 I managed to miss this piece of news. I guess I was just so excited about the newly announced Pixar films and spoilers from “The Avengers” that this slipped through the cracks. Then one day while reading on animation website Cartoon Brew I learned that at the con, Disney also announced plans for another “Tangled” movie. When I first read about “Tangled Ever After,” I was so excited by the prospect of getting to return to this world that what the announcement really meant completely escaped me. But … Continue reading

A Study in Princesses: Rapunzel and Beyond

Today we come to the last of Disney’s Princesses, at least those who exist so far. With “Tangled” our lead is yet again a princess, but as in the previous movie it’s ancillary. Like many other Disney heroines before her Rapunzel just wants to experience new things in the world, though she has the greatest justification for her desires. Her goal develops along the way; once she learns the truth of her past she wants to reunite with her parents, and not because they’re royalty. Rapunzel wasn’t a little girl who grew up hating her circumstances and wishing that secretly, … Continue reading

Disney’s Back with “Tangled”

The original Rapunzel has little voice. Her own story is named for her, but she has next to no agency within it. Her prince doesn’t fair much better; like many princes in fairy tales though he has a bit more control over his destiny he doesn’t appear important enough to earn his own name. “Tangled” changes all of that. Disney’s latest movie, which has the distinction of being the 50th full-length animated film to come from the House of Mouse, is probably not the first to deepen the characters of the Rapunzel myth’s two leads. But it’s the best I’ve … Continue reading

Tangled: Hand Drawn vs. Computer Animation

It appears I’ve lied to you. Not directly, but I made false implications. When I wrote about Disney’s forthcoming animated take on the Rapunzel fairy tale, “Tangled,” I made it sound like Disney hand animated the movie. But that’s not the case. No, it turns out that “Tangled” is actually a computer animated film. For some strange reason, I find that disappointing. I have nothing against computer animated films. I’ve made it clear how much I love just about everything Pixar offers, and I’ve also very much enjoyed films like “Kung Fu Panda” and “How To Train Your Dragon.” Computer … Continue reading

Disneyland Scholarships

The month-long period between mid-May and mid-June seems full of one thing: graduates. Starting with college graduations in the middle of May and continuing with the high school graduations scattered throughout June, it seems there’s a fete for a graduate everywhere we turn this time of year. Of course Disney, as famous as is it for throwing huge celebrations, has to get in on the fun. Every year the Disneyland Resort grants 10 high school seniors $5,000 each in scholarships to help further their education. The Disneyland Scholarship Program is about more than just good grades. Students who want to … Continue reading

Bizarre Disney Merchandise

How’s this for bizarre Disney merchandise: scratch and sniff Mickey Mouse Popcorn Ears. That’s right, you read it. I’d repeat it if I were speaking aloud so you could hear it again, but in this instance, you can just head back to the previous sentence and reread. If only I had a picture I could show you here. Instead, I’ll have to describe it: picture the typical Mouseketeer hat, the simple black felt cap with two round black ears on either side. Instead of the felt cap being black, it displays, the whole way around its base, an image of … Continue reading

Tangled Up in Blue and Pink

Recently Disney had a problem, and her name was Rapunzel. After spending years locked away in the Disney animation studio, Rapunzel was finally scheduled to come down from her tower around Thanksgiving 2010. But “Princess and the Frog” didn’t do well at the box office, and Disney execs discovered it was due, in part, from boys not wanting to see a movie about a princess. The House of Mouse didn’t want to fail again, so it decided to disguise Rapunzel a little, trick boys about her true nature. Specifically, it changed her name. Disney’s latest animated feature, releasing on November … Continue reading

First Details from Disney’s “Frozen” Released

While there might not be a lot of new Christmas-related Disney stories to report, there is one wintry seasonal piece of news: the first concept image and story details from next year’s “Frozen.”  “Frozen” is Disney’s adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen,” a story that’s been in the works for years. Production on “Frozen” has been off and on for almost ten years, with the film looking like it’s getting made, and then being shelved.  It’s back on for real this time, and it even has a release date: November 27, 2013.  Just in time for most of … Continue reading

Princess John Carter of Mars

This is the story of a guy called John Carter. He’s a protagonist from a series of Edgar Rice Burroughs science fiction novels. The first is called “The Princess of Mars” because the book is as much about Dejah Thoris, the titular princess, as it is about Carter. Today Disney releases its adaptation of the book, called “John Carter.” Wait, what? “John Carter” sounds like an Oscar-bait movie about an unassuming middle management guy who has a mid-life crisis and learns the meaning of family, or something like that. It definitely doesn’t bring the genre “space epic” to mind. So … Continue reading