Teaching Money to Kids

At a Glance: Product:  Family Mint Money Management Certification Program Ages:  10 and up.  You can begin as early as 6 year old if you use the website as well. Use:  A family tool to teach children to how to handle money properly to ensure a secure financial future. Duration:  2 months Homeschool Method:  Any.  The program includes online resources and a workbook.  If you prefer the workbook only it is all inclusive and no internet needed. Cost:  $29.99 as a special introductory offer for the 60 page workbook plus a lifetime subscription to FamilyMint Premium and online only for $24.99 a year … Continue reading

Getting Your Kids to Listen to You

I’ve been a little frustrated with my son lately. It seems like I have to ask him ten times to do anything, and even then he still won’t do it. He’s unbelievably stubborn; and too smart for his own good. That whole reverse psychology thing doesn’t work with him anymore. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve lost my cool with him before when he won’t do what he’s told, much less acknowledge that he’s even been asked to do anything. He’s a pro at ignoring. After our nightly shower battle, I finally decided to do a little research … Continue reading

Help Kids to Save with a Fun Fund

As adults, we often think of saving as something necessary and the responsible thing to do. We save up for things such as a new furnace or braces for one of the kids. Once in a while we will also save for something fun, such as a family vacation, but we often go about it with our usual boring adult selves–we plan, we save, we move money to a vacation account. These techniques, the ones we have learned over the years and now practice, however, don’t usually work with kids. For them, saving has to be visual and fun. Help … Continue reading

Free Websites that Teach Your Kids about Money

Teaching kids about money, where it comes from, how to make it grow and how to use it responsibly is one of those things that many of us mean to get around to doing, but don’t often seem to complete. In fact, money lessons should never really come to an end. As society, the economy and technology changes, it is important for us all to keep up, and pass on the skills, knowledge and advice to our children. Fortunately, we don’t have to do this alone. There are a few really good websites out there that will help us teach … Continue reading

The Difference Between Saving and Investing: An Important Distinction for Kids to Learn

You can save or you can invest. It is a distinction that many adults struggle with as a concept. How then can kids understand the difference, and why is it so important? Most kids who are introduced to the concepts of money tend to be conservative. They like to hoard as much of their money as they can and save up for things. That is a great phase that can be utilized by parents, caregivers and teachers to teach the value and the responsibility of money. Unfortunately, most kids do not get any instruction past those initial lessons. Many experts … Continue reading

How to Talk to Your Kids about the Economic Crisis

“How can I talk to my kids about the economic crisis?” It is a common question that most parents face today. As prices on consumable goods rise, from food and gas to the cable bill, and families feel themselves pinched, even the youngest children are starting to notice that things around them are changing. Neighbors and friends may be moving away, favorite stores and restaurants may be closing, and everyone seems to have to sacrifice something they enjoy just to get through this time. Parents should see this time in our history as a teaching moment, but the lessons should … Continue reading

8 Things Kids Need to Know about Money

It is never too early to start teaching your children about money. While many parents shy away from discussing financial issues with their kids, this can be one of the biggest mistakes that they make. Instilling good habits and a basic understanding about how finances work can give your child an edge that will stay with him or her for a lifetime. 1. There is a difference between the things that you want and the things that you need. Wants versus needs can be a tough concept for kids to understand, but teaching them that real necessities must be met … Continue reading

Raising Money Savvy Children

Logan and I went to the dollar store tonight. Originally this was just to pick out some Christmas presents for some dear friends of ours, but when Grandpa heard where we were going he couldn’t resist giving Logan a few dollars of his own to spend while we were there. Logan of course was very excited to get to pick some things out, but more importantly it provided a perfect opportunity to teach him a mini lesson on some rather important topics in today’s society. While he is only four, he was able to understand that two dollars can only … Continue reading

Something to Save For

This week Logan and I got together with some good friends of mine. He always has a good time with them, but this time was especially exciting for him. Over the past several months we have become particularly close and are always making plans about our future. Most of them are pretty outlandish since we are all going to be rich teachers, but this one is for real. We decided to go on a little road trip together next summer and made adorable little coin jars so we could start saving our pennies for this upcoming adventure. Logan loved being … Continue reading

Teach Kids About Stranger Danger

It seems like every time we turn on the news we hear about another Amber Alert for a child that has been taken. It has been said that nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each and every year. These alarming statistics make me want to hold my son just a little bit tighter each night. It makes me never want my son out of my sight. This week we had an interesting experience that gave me the opportunity to teach my son about stranger danger yet again. We were eating lunch at the mall with some good friends of mine. … Continue reading