Kids Teaching Kids

Little kids love to emulate their older siblings. It’s just a fact of nature that when a little person sees a big person do something, they want to do it too. They pick up on mannerisms and vocabulary words from their older siblings, they learn how to perform certain basic skills by watching and observing, and this natural tendency to copy-cat can come in handy in your homeschool. When two-year-old Timmy sees eight-year-old Jimmy reading, he’ll want to do it too. He’ll want to write his name, he’ll want to learn to count, and as he gets older, Jimmy will … Continue reading

Teaching Teens Thankfulness

  When children are very young they tend to be very selfish and think the world revolves around them. If they do grow out of it, it seems to come back when they are teenagers. It can be difficult for teens to see past their concerns and circumstances. For some teens everything is a drama and everything revolves around them. The world can be coming apart at the seams but if they can’t find anything to wear, that is all that matters. Teaching teens to be thankful isn’t always easy. Many times all they see is what they don’t have … Continue reading

Teaching Teens about Cooperation

If we want our children to be cooperative then we have to teach it to them. Cooperation, like any other character trait, is best caught than taught. In other words, our children will “catch” us acting one way and it will be a bigger influence upon them than if we attempted to lecture to them the right way to act. Our words mean less than our actions. This past weekend, my husband and I had to work really hard to be a positive influence to our teens when it came to cooperation. He undertook a project that, as I posted … Continue reading

Chores Can Prepare for a Strong Work Ethic

Fellow blogger Michele Cheplic recently blogged about “Slave Labor.” Or should I say, kids doing chores. I had to chuckle when I read that her 7 year old daughter’s response to making her bed was, “What am I a slave?” Chores are probably one of the least favorite things that any kid likes to do. And for some kids it only gets worse as they get older. Yes, my teens have tried to get out of doing chores but never could I imagine them doing what an 11-year-old German boy apparently did, by calling the police on his mother. As … Continue reading

Teach Your Teen a New Skill This Summer

Every summer I like to take advantage of the extra time to teach my children a skill. Some years they all learn something and other years the focus is on just one child. This summer it will be my youngest son who will be taught how to wash his own clothes. I can’t tell you how much this has unburdened me with my other two children now completely responsible for their own wash. With my daughter, she just sort of decided on her own to start doing her laundry. But she’s pretty independent and self-sufficient that way. My oldest had … Continue reading

Dealing with Disappointment

This week was a disappointing one for my oldest son. He took his driving test and while we both went into it with a lot of confidence, he ended up failing. Honestly, I think my son is a better driver than me and I really didn’t think for a moment that he wouldn’t pass. However there are some automatic disqualifications and he did one of them. Apparently he was very nervous and let his nerves get the best of him. Now he has to wait another month and a half to retake it. My son is very laidback and not … Continue reading