Intrusion On Our Children

Intrusion on our children? I believe that is exactly the situation in New York. Apparently the New York City Department of Education is expanding its sex education curriculum to include the distribution of…get this…morning after pills. Yes, you read that right. The morning after pill is being made available to girls in high school, and guess what? Parental consent isn’t necessary. Girls as young as 14 years old will have access to this and their parents won’t even know. Yes, I definitely call this an intrusion. Okay, so there is the possibility of opting out. But of course, that means … Continue reading

Insurance Blog Week in Review – June 24 – 30, 2012

Once a week, the Insurance Blog Week in Review brings you a fast way to “ketchup” on all the blogs that were posted here in the past seven days. There can be anywhere between twelve and fourteen blogs that appear. What did you miss? A Brief Comparison of Health Care Plans Obama’s plan includes coverage for adults and children who have a pre-existing condition. Romney’s plan includes coverage for people who have a pre-existing condition – but only if they have had continuous health insurance coverage. The Insurance Podcast Roundup went up on June 25, 2012. This week, I’d like … Continue reading

Morality in America

Do you really want to know what you are dealing with, when it comes to raising children today? Have you considered the morality of America…where we came from, where we are at and where we are heading? A Gallup poll was recently conducted on “Values & Beliefs” in America. The findings will help you better understand just what you are up against when it comes to the raising of your children. This isn’t meant as a way to make judgments but simply to enlighten parents. And hopefully with this enlightenment, there will be conversations with your children about what you … Continue reading

Golden Sky by EC Stilson

To call this a book is to do it an injustice. Golden Sky is Elisa’s journal, with her heart laid bare on each page, every raw and real emotion dealt with in black and white. As a parent my biggest fear has always been something happening to my child. I know that’s a fear for most parents. I cannot imagine being nineteen and finding out my baby had problems so severe that he may not make it. That’s what happened to Elisa. Already the parent of a very young child and expecting her second when she received the worst news … Continue reading

Adoption Education for Teens

Last blog, I shared that few teenage mothers place their children for adoption. I believe many do not do so because of common myths about adoption. Many people do not understand that in domestic adoption today, a birthmother can choose the family she wants to adopt her child. She can choose a family most like hers, or most like the one she wishes were hers, in terms of religion, family structure, rural or urban location, beliefs about education and discipline, and more. Many people also do not understand that birthmothers in the U.S. seldom go through their lives wondering if … Continue reading

What Your Mother Never Told You: a Survival Guide for Teenage Girls – Richard M. Dudum

Our teenagers today are facing more pressure, more trials than ever before, and author Richard M. Dudum wants to give our daughters a clear, unmistakable message: you don’t have to conform to anyone else’s idea of what you should be. You can decide for yourself if you’re going to get involved in drugs, if you’re going to have sex, if you’re going to play into the social games. He does this in his new book, “What Your Mother Never Told You,” and he does it in down-to-earth language that can’t be misinterpreted. Several different topics are covered in this book, … Continue reading

Teen Mother Kills Baby

It always saddens me when I hear about a mother killing her child. It saddens me more when the child is a newborn. Last week here in Mobile an 18-year-old mother claimed that her 1-month-old daughter had been kidnapped by two woman who said they were from an adoption agency. The mother, who also has a 14-month-old daughter, said that after giving birth to the second child she realized she would not be able to take care of both kids so she decided to put the new baby up for adoption. She claimed she called an agency from a list … Continue reading

Abortion: A Pregnant Mom is Still a Mom

Since nearly the beginning of humanity, there have been problems and people have been faced with circumstances that are not ideal. January 22, 1973 abortion was deemed as a constitutional right for women, justifying the termination of their unborn child should they be faced with unfortunate circumstances or decide they just don’t want to be a mother at the time. I don’t believe for most women the decision to terminate their unborn baby’s life is an easy one. I’ll admit I am grieved by the fact there are clinics that provide the option of a pregnancy termination before offering real … Continue reading

A Dance for Three — Louise Plummer

In this moving book by acclaimed novelist Louise Plummer, we read the story of Hannah Ziebarth, a fifteen-year-old girl with a lot on her mind. Her boyfriend Milo has been pressuring her to have more than just a casual relationship, and she finally gives in, seeing in him a chance for real love and attention. Her own father passed away and it’s so nice to have a man tell you he loves you. Hannah’s not sure what to do when she finds out she’s pregnant. She has known for a while that she wasn’t Milo’s first, that he actually has … Continue reading