Boundaries to Set After Infidelity

Infidelity kills trust. Not only does it kill it but it buries it under a mountain of dirt. To bring trust back up to the surface and build it to the heights it was before the affair, boundaries must be set in place. The Reason for Boundaries Boundaries are for the person who has been deceived. It protects them from feeling suspicion that their partner is cheating again. It also shows the adulterer there are consequences to his actions. What Boundaries to Place Many of the boundaries you set will be based on many of the signs you saw when … Continue reading

Is It Really Cheating When…?

Often spouses ask other people, such as their best buddies what constitutes cheating. They may google the phrase, “What is cheating,” or look to experts to answer the question. They may even wonder to themselves if a thought or an action is considered cheating. Wait, check the Bible or the latest self help book. For example, if I kiss someone other than my husband on the lips is it cheating? What if the kiss is on the cheek, or if the lip kiss is to a best friend or aging relative? Is it cheating if I share secrets with someone … Continue reading

Signs of Emotional Infidelity

If you or your spouse are showing the signs of emotional infidelity then you need to get help, fast! Emotional infidelity can be devastating to a marriage, and in many cases, it will lead to physical infidelity as well. Here are some signs that there may be emotional infidelity going on in your relationship. There is more interest in spending time with someone other than your spouse. If you look forward to spending time elsewhere, even if that time is only spent through email or on the phone, then this may be a sign of emotional infidelity. Spending an unusual … Continue reading

What Is a No Fault Divorce?

Question: “What is a no-fault divorce, and how is this different from a regular divorce?” You may have heard the term “no fault divorce” before. It seems that most couples who are facing divorce have this term as the “reason” for the divorce. Why? In order to begin divorce proceedings, one member of the marriage must file for divorce. Eventually, if the couple wants to go forward with the divorce, the case will go before a judge who will decide if the divorce will be granted. The spouse who files for divorce must state a reason for desiring a divorce. … Continue reading

Are You to Blame for Your Spouse’s Affair?

If your spouse has an affair with someone else, should you take some of the blame? One issue that I see coming up in the forums often enough to be a concern is the subject of having a spouse who cheats. In many of the posts, the spouse who is being cheated on wants t figure out what he or she did wrong in the relationship to cause the cheating. There are many things in a married relationship that can lead to cheating. Often women cheat because they are feeling neglected or unloved. Men tend to cheat to increase their … Continue reading

Is It Possible to Affair-Proof a Marriage?

On Oprah’s “Why Men Cheat Part 2” show, M. Gary Neuman offered three ways to affair-proof a marriage: 1. Appreciate your spouse more. In fact, make sure to appreciate your spouse as much as you possibly can. 2. Have sex. Make time for sex. Enjoy sex. (He suggested women are bad about receiving pleasure. Men are better at that. By nature they’re takers and we’re givers. We’re not comfortable receiving. Be it sexual pleasure or tokens of affection. Mr. Neuman said instead of saying “You shouldn’t have” when your husband gives you something, you should say, “Yes you should have … Continue reading

Oprah’s “Why Men Cheat” Controversy

Last week Oprah did a show called “How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage: Why Men Cheat Part 2.” I don’t know if she had the “Part 2” planned or not. From the previews it kind of sounded like they did it in response to all of the responses Part 1 generated. It was the previews that caught my attention. Since I wasn’t going to be able to watch the show when it aired, I recorded it. Saturday while Wayne and I were hanging out to nurse Murph, he was flipping through our recorded programs on the DVR and saw the Oprah … Continue reading

What To Do When You’ve Got a Crush on Someone Other Than Your Spouse

On my article Are Crushes Natural?, a reader left a comment about how she’s happily married but developed a big crush on someone else. She even tried to hook the guy up with an available friend, but that only made her think about him more. She admitted she knows she needs to stop thinking about him, but also that she hopes the friend and him decide not to see each other again. Yikes. That’s a tough situation to be in. Now some of you will take objection to that and say “If she’s so happily married, why would another man … Continue reading

Starting Over 101

It is common knowledge that many of us single parents have been or are in the midst of starting over. But, what does that actually mean? Just because we know that what used to be is no more and that we need to build a new life, does not necessarily mean that we know what to do. Here are a few tips for getting down to the basics of starting over… 1. Let Go…you cannot start a new life or even move in a new direction until you let go of the old. This means any clinging, clutching, or resistance … Continue reading