Learning to Love Your Body

We all know that motherhood comes with a price. Your body goes through a remarkable transformation as it prepares to grow another human being. If you are like most of us, you probably have a few battle scars to show for it. I’ve gotten used to my tiger stripes, but I still struggle with my post-pregnancy body. It’s been almost 5 years since I had Logan and I’m still not to my pre-pregnancy weight. I envy my friends who walk out of the hospital looking like a model in their size 2 jeans again. When I left the hospital I … Continue reading

Get Beautiful with Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) has long been used as a beauty staple. Learn all of the different ways that you can put this product to use in your beauty routine and save money, not to mention space in your bathroom cabinet. Fix your eyebrows. Use a clean fingertip or a mascara wand to apply a tiny amount of petroleum jelly to your eyebrows in a sweeping motion. Start from the inside and go toward the outside in one moment. Instantly tamed brows are yours. Remove your eye makeup. Put some petroleum jelly on your eyelids and then wipe it off again … Continue reading

Using Trials as Learning Tools

As I mentioned the other day, we’ve been slammed by a lot of health issues lately. It almost seems like I could list one for every letter of the alphabet, but that would be too depressing. Instead, I want to think about some of the positive things that have come from it, like the things we’ve learned. As a result of numerous doctor visits, my children now have a better understanding of their bodies and how the various organ systems work. They’ve always been the type to ask questions, and so, ask they have—I feel a little sorry for the … Continue reading

Advice for the Budding Scrapbook Artist

A good friend of mine has been talking about scrapping forever. She is one of those people that has all the stuff, but never does it. That’s OK, I don’t judge. I love shopping for scrapbooking stuff. In fact, when I took a year off from scrapbooking when my second child was born, I still went shopping for scrapbooking stuff when I had no real intent of using it anytime soon. Today, we got together to scrap. I invited her over to my place to share my supplies (although she brought some of her own) and told her to bring … Continue reading

Choosing Photos for a Birth Announcement

If you were going to send out a wedding announcement, you certainly wouldn’t take your engagement photos right after rolling out of bed or when you’re suffering from a newly developed rash. You’d get ready, making sure to show your best side, right? Why wouldn’t you do the same thing for a baby announcement? Many parents are eager to send off baby announcements full of photos of their new little cutie as soon as they get out of the hospital. The long wait is over, you’re excited and overjoyed at the new little life you’re holding in your arms, and, … Continue reading

Six Ways to Save Money on Makeup

Looking good really doesn’t have to cost a fortune… though you might not know it from walking the beauty counters at a department store, or a specialty makeup store. Talk about sticker shock! (Some of those places need to keep smelling salts by the door to revive folks after they faint from looking at prices!) It’d be easy to say: skip the makeup entirely and save a ton of cash. But sometimes, a touch of makeup is the icing on the cake! The cake is pretty good already, but frosting goes the extra mile into stunning. If wearing makeup makes … Continue reading

Avoiding the Pregnancy Conversation Trap

If two people are having a conversation and at least one of them is pregnant, the conversation will most likely go in one of four directions. Negative: 1. The pregnant woman will ramble about her pregnancy and the other will get sick of hearing about it. 2. The non-expecting party will keep asking about the pregnancy, and the pregnant women will get sick of talking about it. Positive: 3. The discussion will be completely overtaken by baby talk and neither party minds. 4. Both parties avoid the subject altogether. This happens when one or both parties are either not interested … Continue reading

Stretch Marks

Your skin is pretty elastic. In many circumstances, your skin can bounce back relatively well from cuts, bruises, scars, or stretching. But when the skin is constantly or too quickly stretched, you may end up with stretch marks. Weight gain and pregnancy are two of the top causes for stretch marks. The dermis — the stretchy middle layer of skin — is where stretch marks occur. At first, stretch marks may appear red or purple in color. With time, they will fade to a pale shade of pink, white, or silver. Stretch marks are most often seen on the stomach, … Continue reading

Keep Skin Tight While Losing Weight

Losing weight is an exhilarating feeling for most of the overweight people who are dieting. You feel good about your loss, but worry about the aftermath of it all. There may or may not be excess skin when all is said and done, but this is far better and healthier than being overweight. The best way to attempt to avoid this plight is to lose weight slowly and exercise. This is not to say that it may not happen to some extent anyway, but the odds are in your favor to at least prevent some of it. Other ways to … Continue reading

Winter Itch

If you have dry, itchy skin during the colder months, you’re not alone. Winter itch is a relatively common complaint during the winter. Symptoms of winter itch can include: Itching (“winter itch” isn’t just a clever name) Dryness Flakiness Why is winter such a problem for your skin? This is usually the season for low humidity and low temperatures. The former is a problem because when there’s less moisture in the air, there’s less moisture for your skin to absorb. The latter is a problem because we tend to use the heat when it’s cold. That can suck even more … Continue reading