Enforcing Family Togetherness on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving get-togethers used to be so much easier when the kids were little. Well, not in the sense of getting them ready and carting them around. But you could always count on the little ones entertaining everyone. Now that my kids and my nephews are teenagers, what often happens is that everyone disappears. So I am purposing to keep everyone together as much as possible this year. It was kind of a last minute decision but my family has ended up with the joy of hosting Thanksgiving. Despite not being as prepared as I would like, I am going into … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Reflections

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays were I tend to do a lot of reflecting. Sure, I realize that many choose the New Year to do this sort of thing but I believe that part of reflecting is counting your blessings. There was something about this year’s Thanksgiving that just really brought up lots of nostalgia within me. It is amazing to me how differently things become as your children begin to grow up. For instance, this year my daughter helped to prepare the parts of the meal that I contributed to. I remember a time when I had three … Continue reading

Be Thankful for Your Blessings

Until we became a military family, I never quite understood the sacrifice that they paid. I knew it in theory but now it has become so much more real. We are giving up the presence of our son at the Thanksgiving table this year. It is hard for everyone to accept the first of what will likely be many holidays without him. It has given me such a greater appreciation for their service to our country and the families who are without their loved ones. Suddenly thankfulness has taken on a whole new meaning. While I have always appreciated my … Continue reading

Confessions of a Foodie Mom: ‘Tis the Season

No doubt about it, December is Foodie Season! This is the season where there are so many good foods around to try, including some that are often only served this time of year. For a Foodie who loves trying new foods and is also emotionally attached to serving ALL of the old ones, it’s going to be a challenging month for weight loss. It doesn’t help that the season is so busy. I’m juggling gift lists, ingredient lists, cookie exchange servings, contributions to various potlucks, and more. The last thing I want to do is list what I’m eating, or … Continue reading

The Snowman Conspiracy (1)

Is a snowman a fun loving holiday icon or a clever conspiracy? You decide. It finally happened, late last night. The kids fell asleep to the sounds of a cracking fire in the fireplace and the last lines “There’s no place like home” from “The Wizard of Oz.” As my husband carried the little ones off to bed, I padded through the house adjusting the thermostat, turning off the lights and cleaning up stray toys. As I headed back into the family room, I spotted something on the stair rail. Just another discarded sock, I thought, and sighed aloud. But … Continue reading

Waiting Prayerfully

To wait prayerfully means allowing God to speak to you through His Word and through a time of prayer. For my devotional time I have a journal which I keep for my reflections on the bible passages I read. My bible is littered with dates written next to verses where God has spoken to me. These journals go back years and take up a lot of room in our house. But I would never part with them. Memory is at times a fickle thing. Since my journals are all dated and indexed, I can go back and see exactly what … Continue reading

What’s Happening this New Year’s At Disney World?

We’ve talked about Christmas in the parks, but what’s happening for New Year’s? Well mark down your Calendar if you’re going to be in the Orlando, Florida area. This year the happening place to be looks to be Disney World and their theme parks. If you are planning to visit a Disney World theme park on December 31, you should plan to arrive early and stay late. Some parks will close their gates to new visitors depending on their capacity and there will be a priority entrance given to guests of the Walt Disney World Resorts. The big celebrations will … Continue reading