Snag a Post-Thanksgiving Travel Deal

They aren’t exactly the Black Friday deals being offered at the mall, but you can still save big on travel packages by booking by the end of the month. Take a break from the chaos surrounding the holiday season by jetting off to Sin City this December. Pleasant Holidays is offering a money-saving package deal featuring round-trip airfare from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Spirit Airlines, a four-night stay in a deluxe room at the Wynn Las Vegas, plus a $100 resort credit all for just $369. The price doesn’t include a $20 per room, per night resort fee. … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Is For Family Fun

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and that means family time. For the genealogist in the family, it is a great time to hear family stories, both new and old, get the group together for some family photographs, and as always, listen for new family history facts that you can include in your research. You are probably even going to enjoy some of your family’s favorite recipes. This Thanksgiving, our Thanksgiving table will have something on it that is not usually a part of our menu. Because of where Thanksgiving ended up on the calendar this year, my son’s birthday cake will be … Continue reading

Creating Thankful Traditions All Year Round

We often think of the Christmas season as a time to celebrate family. Thanksgiving is our time to be thankful. Valentine’s Day is a day to show love. Of course, while it’s good to have particular seasons and special days to celebrate these things, you can feel and show all of these emotions all year round! Whether you follow a particular religion or not, creating traditions of thankfulness is important. As many of us head off to sales, it’s a good time to stop and remember all that we have. The economy can be tight, and finding a job can … Continue reading

Holiday Traditions Transitioning

How have your holiday traditions changed since becoming a single parent? Did you totally redesign what the holidays meant to you or did you stay the course, changing as little as possible? Ours have mostly stayed the same, I am a creature of habit and I think my daughter really dislikes change. So we’ve kept most of the traditions she has known since infancy. The biggest change is that we celebrate more with friends. That may have occurred even if I had stayed married. I think that change just naturally evolved and had nothing to do with being single. I … Continue reading

Christmas Traditions

Thanksgiving has finally arrived and now thoughts can turn towards Christmas. That is, unless you have already been thinking of Christmas since Halloween. I on the other hand am following Nordstrom’s lead. In case you missed it, Nordstrom had a sign that said the store wouldn’t be decking its halls until November 27th because it liked the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time. But now the time is here and I am ready for some Christmas spirit. I was thinking today about Christmas traditions. My family and I have a somewhat odd one – on Thanksgiving, we watch … Continue reading

Continuing Traditions

The day after Thanksgiving is the day our tree goes up. Actually, we have three. I know it sounds like over kill but it’s really not. Going all out for Christmas decorating is one way I continue the traditions Hailey has enjoyed all her life. When I was married my ex husband really didn’t celebrate Christmas so I went overboard to make up for him. Now that I’m divorced, it’s a tradititon. Hailey always says it looks like Christmas exploded in our house, but I know she looks forward to it every year. If I tried to cut back on … Continue reading

Surviving Thanksgiving With Your Relatives

Thanksgiving is a holiday that usually includes celebrations in the form of whatever traditions your family has established. Over time, families change, and this can cause conflict about how and where to spend Thanksgiving. Here is some advice that you can use to help survive another Thanksgiving holiday with your relatives. There are some Thanksgiving traditions that most people who celebrate this holiday choose to do every year. People gather together with as many family members as possible, and spend time with each other. One can expect that dinner will include a turkey, some stuffing, lots of vegetables, and maybe … Continue reading

Family Traditions

I think traditions become even more important when you are a single parent. Hailey was ten when I got divorced, our holiday traditions represented continuity and security for her, she knew what to expect this strange first Christmas in an apartment. I tried really hard to make sure we still did all of the things we had done in our home as a family. We strung Christmas lights on our little balcony. The tree went up the day after Thanksgiving and Hailey still got to put the angel on the top, although it was a little harder for me to … Continue reading

The Great Thanksgiving Debate

I realize that it is not even October yet, but the colorful leaves on the trees and the abundance of pumpkins at roadside vegetable stands has me thinking about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving celebrations are a big thing for many families, and the ways that people celebrate are varied indeed. From a traditional home made turkey dinner with all of the fixings to elaborate buffets in fine restaurants, Americans sure do like to go all out for Thanksgiving. One tradition in my family happens even before Thanksgiving. That tradition is the great debate over the location of the Thanksgiving feast. On Thanksgiving, … Continue reading

Our First Thanksgiving

We have not hit our one year anniversary yet and we have had so much family drama and a death of a friend what does the rest of the year going to bring? We still have the holidays coming up and after my first Christmas with my in-laws I really am not looking forward to having another one with them. If you don’t know what happened during my first Christmas click this to read all about it. The holiday season is quickly approaching and I am really dreading it. The first holiday season as a married woman should be full … Continue reading