A Gluten-Free Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis

You might not think about a gluten-free diet unless you have celiac disease (gluten allergy). Swedish researchers want you to think again — especially if you have rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. A recent study from Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden looked at diet in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Researchers divided rheumatoid arthritis sufferers into two groups: one group ate a vegan and gluten-free diet (vegetables, fruits, nuts, no wheat proteins, and no animal products like meat, cheese, or eggs); one … Continue reading

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

If you have asthma, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, or even heart disease, someone may suggest you try an anti-inflammatory diet. What exactly is an anti-inflammatory diet and what is it supposed to do? Some researchers feel that the typical American diet, which is high in fat and processed foods, can actually cause our bodies to create inflammation. The body perceives that the foods we are eating are not what we should be eating. It then reacts as it would to any other invader. One of its best defenses our body has against foreign matter is inflammation. There is a blood … Continue reading

Is Curcumin a Miracle Cure?

I’ve been hearing a lot about curcumin lately. It is a compound found in the spice turmeric. If you’ve ever had Indian food with curry, you have no doubt eaten turmeric. It is what gives curry its yellow color. But, could curcumin help cure and prevent some diseases? Research is point in that direction. A recent nine month study showed that curcumin may be beneficial for people with pre-diabetes. As you know, diabetes, probably due to the obesity problem in America, is on the rise. But, a study conducted in Thailand recently showed that people who consumed curcumin lowered their … Continue reading

Pumpkins Aren’t Just for Carving!

It’s pumpkin season! If you travel along country roads you will see pumpkin stands on every corner. As fall progresses many flock to pumpkin patches to fun and to purchase pie pumpkins and pumpkins for carving. I took my family to the apple orchard just the other day to purchase apples and pumpkins. As I took pictures of my kids by large pumpkins and enjoyed the beautiful orange colors of fall, I wondered “What is the point of a pumpkin?” I could not see any reason beyond pie and decoration for a pumpkin to exist. While pumpkin pie is a … Continue reading

Healthy Cuisine Choices – Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about healthy cuisine choices. Today, I want to explore more of these healthy alternatives to burgers, fries, and pizzas. Japanese Being in a military town, I know a lot of people that travel to and from Okinawa. Unfortunately, we don’t have any really authentic Okinawa restaurants here. That is too bad because Japanese food, especially that from Okinawa, is very healthy. Okinawans eat dishes rich in fruits and vegetables that help fight cancer. Helping the healthiness is that the dishes are usually prepared by light steam or by stir-frying. They also practice something called Hara Hachi – … Continue reading

Healthy Cuisine Choices – Part 1

Growing up in the south, I knew my food wasn’t health. Everything is battered, fried, and usually dunked in some type of sauce and gravy. Although it normally tastes incredible, as I aged, I realize that I need to change the way I eat and began looking for healthier alternatives. Here are a few cuisines that provide health choices, provided you don’t “Americanize” them. Follow traditional recipes and they will not only be yummy but nutritious as well. Vietnamese We recently visited Philly and ate at a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant. It was my first experience with this cuisine, but I … Continue reading

Ginger: Not Just for Ale and Snaps!

Ginger has a long history in the kitchen AND in health care. Throughout Asia and Europe, the “root” has been a popular ingredient in cooking and a popular remedy for more than one ailment. Ginger isn’t actually a root, as it turns out — although we call it ginger root. The lumpy, bumpy “root” is actually a rhizome. What’s a rhizome, you ask? A rhizome is an underground stem from which plants grow. Shoots can form at the joints of the root as it grows horizontally. What can ginger do for your health? Settle your stomach. Ginger is great for … Continue reading

Drawing the Line: At-Home Care or the Vet’s Office?

Moose’s recent illness has had me thinking a lot about my judgement as a pet owner. Because Moose often has a sensitive stomach, I often end up treating him at home. This last time, we needed the vet. But did I call for help quickly enough? Could I have saved him (and me) some suffering by calling the vet in sooner? Between writing about pets for more than three years, working at the cats-only boarding and vet, and reading a lot of pet health books, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of what’s an emergency and what … Continue reading

Acai Berry – a New Tool in Weight Loss

A few years ago, none of us even knew what an Acai berry was. Today, they’re everywhere. Let’s take a closer look into this little fruit and see if it’s everything it’s cracked up to be. The Acai berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is found in the Amazon Rainforest. It’s about the size of a marble, but is purple in color. About 90% of the fruit is actually a pit and only 10% is the edible fruit. It can’t be eaten until the pit and the pulp are separated from each other. What makes the Acai berry so unusual is the high … Continue reading

Increasing Female Fertility

Whether you have been trying to conceive, have been having trouble conceiving or are planning to get pregnant in the future, your fertility may be on your mind. The best time to start making changes is before you are ready to start trying. There are several things you can do to enhance your fertility and increase your chances of successful conception. Your body weight can affect your fertility. Women with more body fat and a higher body mass index are more likely to have problems getting pregnant than women with less body fat. In addition, being overweight puts you at … Continue reading