The Birth of My Second Child-It’s a Boy!!, Part II

If you missed part I of this story, go here. When we got to the hospital, I was trying to be strong. I didn’t want my husband to put me in a wheelchair. I wanted to walk by myself. Silly me. I must have looked ridiculous as every contraction came on and I had to stop walking and bend over. My husband was worried. I thought about my first experience, and thought I still had a ways to go. When they finally got me into the room, and checked me, lo and behold I was at a 5 already! YAHOO!! … Continue reading

The Birth of my Second Child-It’s a Boy!!, Part 1

If you didn’t get to check out my articles on the Birth of my Firstborn, please do. I had a very different experience with my second. All I have to say is: Epidural. I was a week away from my due date. I had a two and a half year old that I was chasing around, and I was tired. Tired of being pregnant that’s for sure. About midnight on a Friday, I woke up to a contraction. A real one. With my son, I had braxton hicks. I didn’t have that with my daughter. So, when a real contraction … Continue reading

The Birth of my Firstborn-Part I

I have two kids. A four year old and a two year old. Their birth stories are very different. Extremely different. One was Au Natural, although not by choice, and the other was epidural friendly. I want to share them both because I know expectant Moms love a good birth story. It’s like a battle scar that Moms have, that they want to lift up their shirt, show the stretch marks, and say, “See? I’m amazing!” Because we are. Having a baby isn’t easy, no matter what your birth story is. But, we all know it is worth it. My … Continue reading

The Birth of My Firstborn-Part II

I remember the drive to the hospital. It was just me and my husband, on a dark windy road. We got to the hospital and every room was full. I was put in an overflow room. It was one of those freak nights where every woman goes into labor. The midwife checked me and I was at a 3. How disappointing. By the time I was all settled into my room, it was midnight. They asked me if I wanted IV fluids to “take the edge off”. So, I thought that of course I would want that! The anesthesiologist was … Continue reading

The Truth About Nursing

I can only speak from my own experience. I have nursed 2 babies until they were 14 months old each. So, I do have a little experience. And, I am 100% pro-nursing. Although, one thing I think no one ever really said about nursing was the ugly truth. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Here is what I can tell you: Nursing is wonderful. You do bond with your baby. You do love it. But, it is also hard. When I had my daughter this is the one thing that I think I kept saying to myself, “Why did … Continue reading

Baby Names–How Many is Too Many?

Once upon a time parents gave their children a first, middle and last name and called it a day. These days kids are lucky if they get off with monikers that take less a day to pronounce. Case in point: the latest round of celebrity babies born to some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Last week acting duo Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell welcomed fraternal twin daughters into the world. The bitty babies were bestowed the following gigantic names: Dolly Rebecca Rose O’Connell and Charlie Tamara Tulip O’Connell. But, the O’Connell twins are not the only Tinseltown tots embracing the four-name … Continue reading