Tithing Settlement: A Time to Reflect on Blessings

This time of a year is one where we get to reflect on the blessings of tithing. Tithing is a commandment that we learn about in Malachi. We should pay ten percent of our earnings in tithing each year. Tithing settlement is the time where we tell the bishop if we were able to pay a full tithe or not. It is also a time for the bishop to check on the status of each family during the year. Even if you have not paid a full tithing you should go tithing settlement to talk to the bishop. This is … Continue reading

Tithing Blessings

Paying your tithing is always a choice that you make. Each month you can choose not to pay it, though some months may seem more difficult than others. When you are truly struggling to make ends meet, it can be difficult to choose to send in the tithing check each month. However paying tithing is a commandment, and we should follow it. Additionally paying tithing is a commandment with a promise. In Malachi 3:10 it reads: “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse . . . and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will … Continue reading

Tithing and the Economy

With the bad news in regards to the economy, you may begin to feel the pinch in your budget at home. One of the areas that you may consider cutting back on is tithing. In fact if you go to many financial advisors they recommend that you stop paying tithing if you are having a difficult time making ends meet. However, tithing is a commandment, and you will be blessed for paying your tithing. The blessings of tithing are not necessarily seen just monetarily. You may not become rich if you pay your tithing, but you will be blessed in … Continue reading

Searching for Blessings

This year has been one of my most difficult ones. I have blogged about some of my trials over the year, since I have learned from them. At tithing settlement yesterday, my bishop pointed out that we should look for our blessings. We were not discussing the difficult things that my family has been through the past year. At the time I thought to myself “Yeah right! What blessings?” As we drove home, I turned to my husband, and suddenly I began to see all the blessings in our lives. We have come through a difficult year, with our faith … Continue reading

Are You Struggling to Pay Tithing?

Many people struggle with the concept of tithing. Ten percent is a significant portion of your income. Many people become resentful of the money that they pay for tithing. When you are struggling financially that money could be used to pay bills and help to make ends meet. Even if you struggle to pay tithing each month you should pay it. Tithing brings promised blessings, which include being able to take care of your family. It helps you spiritually as well to pay tithing. This simple act of obedience and faith can really help your testimony to grow by leaps … Continue reading

General Conference: “The Law of Tithing”

In his talk “The Law of Tithing” Elder Daniel L Johnson speaks about the law of tithing. He goes over the basics of the law of tithing and explains each of the aspect of the law of tithing. He speaks specifically to those who may struggle with paying their tithing. He acknowledges that at times it may be difficult to pay our tithing because of other obligations, but that we are blessed when we do so. Elder Johnson explains that tithing is ten percent of all your increase and gain. It is important to realize that it is a set … Continue reading

Tithing Settlement

It is time for tithing settlement once again. This is a great opportunity that each member has to sit down with the bishop each year and discuss the blessings of paying tithing. At tithing settlement you will declare whether or not you have paid a full or partial tithing. During tithing settlement the bishop will discuss how your family is doing. He often will extend some sort of spiritual challenge to your family, such as reading the scriptures daily. Although the days are long for the bishop, the meetings are a time when he gets to meet with ward members … Continue reading

The Blessings of Tithing

I’ve been wanting write a blog about the blessings of paying tithing. We are commanded to pay one tenth of our increase to the church; this is our tithing. My husband and I have had times when we have struggled financially, but we have always paid our tithing. We have been blessed for it. We haven’t been blessed with great riches, but we have been blessed in other ways. President Heber J Grant said this about blessings that come from tithing: “I bear witness—and I know that the witness I bear is true—that the men and the women who have … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Church

I’m not talking about the spiritual preparation that I’d like to be here…I’m talking about getting physically ready and making it to church on time (or at least somewhat close to on time). Before our baby came along, my husband and I were on time most of the time. Sadly, I can’t say that we were always on time as we both love to catch just a few more minutes of church. And with a 9:00 am Sacrament meeting, that can spell trouble. But we did pretty well. Now we have a baby, and I’m amazed at how much more … Continue reading

Teaching Children Self Reliance

Often when we think about preparedness and self-reliance the focus turns to food storage and a financial reserve, but have you prepared your children for adulthood? Have you taught them self-reliance? These are important skills to teach your children. It is not fun for a child to go off to college and not know the basic skills to take care of their laundry or how to cook. But there are additionally skills you should teach your children as well. One important skill that you should be teaching your children is to manage money well. You can do this in many … Continue reading