MythBusters Cannonball Causes Unintended Damage

An errant cannonball that was shot off by the co-hosts of the MythBusters television show has caused some unexpected damage to some unfortunate families homes, (and a vehicle). The stars of MythBusters have apologized to the families, and will not air the footage. What insurance should the damage claims be sent to? MythBusters is a television program that is shown on the Discovery channel. It features the hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, who set out to discover if certain myths are actually true. They do a scientific experiment that is designed to debunk, or prove, the myth that they … Continue reading

Insurance Blog Week In Review August 22-28, 2007

Insurance Term Of The Week: Dog Bite Liability Wednesday August 22, 2007. For the Small Business the week started with information about liability and Insurance many individuals and businesses need to consider. The Difference Between Claims Made and Occurrence Liability Policies, may not be the most exciting thing to read but, interesting for any small business person. Thursday August 23, 2007. The Small Business Insurance category has been a little slow, so I decided to build on yesterday and add The Basics about General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance I know this isn’t as exciting as Body Part Insurance, but … Continue reading

The Basics about General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance

Insurance protection for professionals including the small business owners, may require two different major types of liability insurance. These two types of insurance that need to be considered: General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance. Each of these types of insurance policies offer specific and important protections designed to professionals from financial loss. General Liability insurance This type of liability insurance protect professionals and organizations from the risks of being liable for causing bodily injury or property damage to someone else. If the policy holder is found legally responsible and obligated to pay someone for damages. General professional liability for … Continue reading

The Difference Between Claims Made and Occurrence Liability Policies

For the Small Business Liability is the cause of damage to someones property and/or bodily injury to another person caused as a result of negligence of a person. Liability Insurance covers a policyholder when they are legally obligated to pay another due to bodily injury and/or property damage caused to another person. Liability insurance may provide coverage for individuals or businesses. There are two major forms of liability insurance policies that can be purchased. The difference between these forms is how the claims are paid when an insured is found liable: Occurrence Claims Policies Occurrence policies provide the insured with … Continue reading