Doing Laundry With Frugal Style

Do you like doing laundry? There is something wonderful about making things clean again. Then again, there is something rather icky about that cat-vomited, kid-messy, sticky mass you shove into the washing machine. I am of two minds about laundry. Laundry can be a time suck if you let it. We only have three people (and three cats) in our family, and it takes up a bit of time. It used to take up more time, though. These days, I’m in a frugal and time-friendly laundry groove. Yeah. How can you reduce the time you spend doing laundry? Get proactive. … Continue reading

When the Washing Machine Breaks

Chachuga, chachuga, chachuga, knock, knock, knock. While you might think this was the latest rehearsal for Dancing with the Stars, in reality, it was my washing machine finally giving out. I say finally sort of facetiously, since I still expect appliances to last practically forever. After my husband examined the machine, bless his handyman’s heart, we deliberated and after some discussion decided to get a new washing machine. We saved a good amount money on the purchase, and in the end, spent only about $18 more than what it would have cost to get a new motor and install it … Continue reading

Make Clothes Last Longer by Machine Washing Less

I just read an article about a woman who lived on a fifth floor walk-up in New York City and does he laundry by hand to save her back. The added incentive in doing her laundry by hand (in a very efficient system)is that it costs her very little to do laundry this way. This took me back to the year that I lived in New York in a 3rd floor walk up. I also found it easier to use my bath tub as a washing machine. Not only was it less expensive than visiting the laundromat which I did … Continue reading

Front Loading Washing Machines Promote Mold

If you have been considering trading in your existing top loading washing machine for a high efficiency front loading one, you might want to think twice. Mold is becoming a growing problem when it comes to these new washing machines. MSNBC is reporting that consumers are becoming frustrated by the fact that after a while, their washing machines and even their clean clothes start to stink as mold and even slime begins to build up on the rubber gaskets. This can be especially hard to bear for consumers because these machines cost much more than top loading machines. Higher end … Continue reading

Frugal Week in Review: January 21st Through January 27th

With talk of a recession, many more people are examining the frugal lifestyle. It just makes sense. For those of us to whom living frugally is just part of our lives, batting down the hatches and finding ways to save even more is a good thing. This past week, we have had some interesting articles, such as ones examining wringer washers and crockpots. Don’t miss them! January 21st Habitat for Humanity HomeStore If you are looking for a frugal and feel-good way to update, renovate or redesign your home, check out this great resource! Frugal Living Week in Review: January … Continue reading

Top Frugal Blogs of 2007

I hope your new year celebration was joyous and fun! Think of all of the good things that happened in your life in 2007 and look forward to all of the good things to come in 2008! Did you save a lot of money this year? Did you put into place some frugal practices that you can keep for life? The new year is always a time for a new start. So if you have a financial goal, such as paying for a vacation, becoming a stay at home parent or just using your resources wisely, the Frugal Living Blog … Continue reading

Frugal Living Week in Review: December 10th Through December 16th

This past week, we got back to the very practical, from cutting down on waste to stocking your pantry. And there are a few ideas for the holidays, too. Did you miss any of these informative articles? Here they are again in the Frugal Living Blog week in review for December 19th through December 16th. December 10th Ask and Ye Shall Receive Need something? Sure you can go out and spend money for it, but chances are that there is a way to get it for free, just by asking. Here is how. Inexpensive Gifts You Can Make Wow everyone … Continue reading

Frugal Kitchen Towels

If you have had a chance to follow my blogs, then you know that I am a big advocate of reducing paper towel waste. Not only is it frugal to do so, but it is also good for the environment. To take the place of those paper towels, we use terry cloth towels and thing terry washcloths for the kitchen. We can go through several of these towels and cloths in a day. They do everything from wipe sticky hands and faces to clean up spills and dry dishes. I like to keep a good number of the towels available. … Continue reading

Frugal Dishwasher Cleaner

Is the inside of your dishwasher looking dull? It could be hard mineral deposits that have built up on the inside. These deposits not only make the dishwasher look dirty, but they could also affect its performance. And if you are thinking of selling your home, a dull dishwasher could be a deterrent to potential home buyers. I have heard of people using Tang to get the mineral deposits out. The Tang works well, but it is a bit costly to be used as a dishwasher cleaner, especially if you don’t ordinarily drink the stuff. The reason Tang works so … Continue reading

Frugal Living Week in Review for August 20th-26th, 2007

As summer is slowly drawing to a close and school is finally back in session for most children including the homeschooling families, it is the perfect time to take a look at your frugal habits. Evaluate what is going well for your family, and what might not actually be working. Some things you cannot save money on year-round. Some seasons are better than others for certain savings. Just evaluate where you are and look forward into new ways and methods to save money. Look what great ways we showed you how to save money in the frugal living blog this … Continue reading