The Importance of Zinc in Pregnancy

Once you become pregnant, you begin to pay a lot more attention to your diet than ever before. Mom and baby need a broad range of nutrients for health and proper development. One important and often overlooked nutrient in the prenatal diet is zinc. Zinc is important for every stage along the road to parenthood, including conception. Zinc is an essential nutrient for sperm production in the man and healthy and regular ovulation in the woman. Once pregnancy is achieved, zinc is important throughout the development of the baby for cell growth and for the immune system of mom and … Continue reading

Product Review: Supplements for Aspiring and Expecting Mothers

If you’re even thinking about trying to get pregnant, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself physically. That includes getting in shape and eating right. Many doctors recommend going one step further and taking a prenatal vitamin while trying to conceive. There are so many different multivitamins out there, it’s hard to know which one to pick. Personally, I tried several different formulas while I was pregnant. Not all vitamins are created equal. Recently, Olympian Labs, Inc was kind enough to send me a sample of their unique premium multivitamins created just for women who are trying to get pregnant … Continue reading

Nutrition for Vegetarian Mothers to Be

Vegetarian women often hear gasps when people learn they are pregnant and intend to continue a vegetarian diet. Many women hear warnings about malnutrition for both mother and baby. Sometimes the warnings even come from nurses, doctors and other medical professionals. It is possible to have a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby and maintain a vegetarian diet. While it does take more effort to ensure a balanced diet for a vegetarian, it is far from impossible. An important key is to include a large variety of food sources to help provide a wide range of nutrients and vitamins. You will need … Continue reading