Nature or Nurture Theory Correct?

So which determines a child’s personality nature or nurture? Overall scientists and psychologists agree that nature and nurture both play a role in how a person behaves. Links between genes and behavior do exist. But just because the gene is present doesn’t guarantee the behavior will occur. Likewise the child who is raised in an abusive home doesn’t necessarily become an abuser. A person who has a genetic predisposition towards anger will have to work harder to control that anger. But if they are raised in a good environment, by parents who help them learn anger management, they can overcome … Continue reading

The Nurture Theory

The debate about what determines a child’s personality has been waging for years. Supporters of the nature theory believe that genetics determine personality. While supporters of the nurture theory do believe that physical traits are inherited they believe that is where the genetic influence ends. The Nurture Theory: Environment Those that support nurture feel that children are like a clean slate and the experiences they have in life and people who influence them determine what is written upon the slate. Genetics may play a role in deciding personality traits, but ultimately environmental factors determine who we become. The list below … Continue reading

The Nature Theory

Nature versus nurture is a debate about how children learn and develop. Are we predetermined to act a certain way based upon our genetic makeup or does our environment completely determine who we become? It is generally accepted that traits like eye color, height, and hair color are determined by a person’s genes and inherited from their parents. But how much does heredity influence things like intelligence, personality, aggression, shyness, and other non-physical traits? The Nature Theory: Genetics Those that support the nature theory believe that heredity determines not only a child’s physical traits but everything else as well. Children … Continue reading

Guide to Pirate Parenting – Tim Bete

When I first picked up “Cap’n Billy ‘The Butcher’ MacDougall’s Guide to Pirate Parenting,” I really had no idea what to expect. I thought perhaps it would be a book that compared raising children to training pirates, and that through the allegories, we would be taught new and vital information we need in order to be successful parents. What I actually got was a book that literally tells you how to raise your children to be pirates, and it’s absolutely hysterical. It’s a spoof on all the other parenting books out there, and makes you step back and realize that … Continue reading

Book Review “Parenting the Hurt Child”

Parenting the Hurt Child by: Gregory C. Keck, PhD. and Regina M. Kupecky L.S.W. This book is filled with valuable information, insight, and resources for those who adopt older children with a history of trauma. The authors propose, early childhood trauma can be healed by, nurturing parenting in non-traditional forms. The introduction of this book lays the foundation with these words: “…foster and adoptive parents are not responsible for their children’s problems. But they are responsible for creating the proper environment for change, the motivation for growth, the direction for improvement, and the security needed for comfortable attachment. Their roles … Continue reading