Your Home Based Business Christmas Party

Around this time of year, many people are getting ready to attend their company or office holiday party. If you are a home – based professional, especially if you used to work in an office or at another place where the annual holiday party was something you enjoyed, you may feel a little sad that you will not be attending those festivities this year. On the other hand, some people really do not like attending company holiday parties so you may feel relieved that you do not have to endure another year of listening to your former boss sing Christmas … Continue reading

The Season’s Hottest Hotel Deals

Office Depot is offering rock bottom Black Friday deals each Friday from now until November 25th, while Carter’s is practically giving away select children’s outfits during its series of doorbuster sales that run through the end of the month. However, retailers are not the only ones looking to entice frugal shoppers during the countdown to Christmas. The travel industry, specifically, major hotels and resorts, are looking to drum up seasonal business as well by offering amazing deals at popular properties. Some of the hottest holiday-related deals include: IHG, the parent company of Holiday Inn, InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, and Staybridge Suites … Continue reading

Post-Christmas Musings

I was born and raised in Hawaii where retailers live and die by the tourist dollar. As such, on Christmas and New Year’s it’s business as usual across the island chain. All of the local McDonald’s are open and ready to super-size your Big Mac meal on Jesus’ birthday, and if Santa forgot to include batteries with your son’s new remote control snake, don’t fret, you can run over to Wal-Mart to get your AA fix. Such is not the case in the relatively small Northern Wisconsin town which I currently reside. In fact, during the first Thanksgiving I spent … Continue reading

Avoiding Holiday Pounds

It’s that time of year again – no, not the holidays, but the time when everyone seems to come into your office armed with cookies and the office luncheon is filled with enough tryptophan and carbohydrates to choke a horse. The other day, a study was released that showed that the highest number of heart-related deaths occur on Christmas, with the second highest number being recorded on December 26. Now maybe it is family stress that is getting everyone or that last minute shopping, but I know that I personally pack on the pounds during the holidays because I love … Continue reading

Holiday Pounds and Inches

Around this time a few years ago, I was in my obstetrician’s office for a routine checkup. I was five months along. After glancing at my stats, my doctor noted that my weight had jumped up quite a bit. Up until that point, I had gained little to no weight, and now I had put on about ten pounds or so. “I did notice that I had gained quite a bit extra this month,” I said. “It was all of those thanksgiving dinners and holiday parties I went to.” I was not exaggerating, either. I looked back on the three … Continue reading

Halloween Craziness

I’m not a big Halloween person. As a kid, I’m sure I was. But, now, not so much. However, I do have kids, so I’m trying to get into the spirit of Halloween a little more. My four-year-old has definitely figured it out. She knows what it’s all about. Candy. Lots and lots of Candy. My sister and I were talking about how it has gotten a little out of hand though. Since when did Halloween turn into a celebration as big as Christmas? It seems to last a week long now giving our kids enough candy to last until … Continue reading

10 Tips for a Green Thanksgiving

Halloween’s over, Thanksgiving is upon us, and Christmas is just a step away! It is busy time for everyone, but you can still stay green. Here are a few tips to green up your Thanksgiving: 10. Stay Home Yes, I know the holidays are usually about travel to be with family, but consider staying home. You can help reduce emissions and stress by not taking a trip this year. 9. Travel Smart Okay, I realize many will ignore #10, so if you do have to travel, travel smart. Make sure the car is working properly before leaving, check your tire … Continue reading

Hosting a Valentine’s Day Fondue Party

Despite them being up since the week after Christmas, I have purposely avoided the Valentine’s Day displays at Wal-Mart and Target. Now that we are only a couple weeks away from Love Day, I figure I’d better get motivated to spread some Valentine’s Day cheer. (Ho, ho, no!) While I am still in the planning stages for this year’s festivities, I did find recipes from a Valentine’s Day fondue party I helped host a few years ago. A fondue maker I won at an office Christmas party inspired the party. It broke shortly after the party, but not before we … Continue reading

The Danger of Christmas

Following on from Mary Ann’s blog, it is especially important to remember at Christmas when there are Christmas parties happening and lots of events where people have at times had a few drinks. At such times sometimes fuelled by alcohol the inhibitions can tend to relax a little. And so we may need to be a little more vigilant about keeping that hedge up. We have some friends with whom we are on a hugs and kisses, hello and goodbye basis. Since I believe a kiss is a sensual thing, Outside of my husband and adult children no one else … Continue reading

Don’t Let the Holidays Ruin Your Fitness Routine

With less than three weeks until Christmas you have two choices: A.) Give up on your regular exercise routine or B.) Stay the course and enter 2009 ahead of your New Year’s resolutions. You’re busy, you’re stressed, and it’s freezing outside… so why not go with B and take a break from your exercise routine until after New Year’s Day? Two words: Unwanted POUNDS. While it’s easy to put your fitness regime on the back burner during the holiday season, by slacking off now you’ll find it will be harder to get back on track once 2009 rolls around. Think … Continue reading