Christie Brinkley’s Ex-Husband’s Infidelity Confession

The Barbara Walters interview with Peter Cook, Christie Brinkley’s ex-husband, has stirred up all sorts of controversy between the couple (she filed an order with the court to make sure he doesn’t let their children see it when they’re in his custody), but it’s also riled the public. The controversy is similar to the one that brewed during Oprah’s “Why Men Cheat” series. Cook’s Confession Cook claims Brinkley’s lack of attention drove him into the arms of his 17-year-old lover. I can understand why he strayed. I believe lack of attention is a factor in why men stray. But I … Continue reading

Is It Possible to Affair-Proof a Marriage?

On Oprah’s “Why Men Cheat Part 2” show, M. Gary Neuman offered three ways to affair-proof a marriage: 1. Appreciate your spouse more. In fact, make sure to appreciate your spouse as much as you possibly can. 2. Have sex. Make time for sex. Enjoy sex. (He suggested women are bad about receiving pleasure. Men are better at that. By nature they’re takers and we’re givers. We’re not comfortable receiving. Be it sexual pleasure or tokens of affection. Mr. Neuman said instead of saying “You shouldn’t have” when your husband gives you something, you should say, “Yes you should have … Continue reading

Oprah’s “Why Men Cheat” Controversy

Last week Oprah did a show called “How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage: Why Men Cheat Part 2.” I don’t know if she had the “Part 2” planned or not. From the previews it kind of sounded like they did it in response to all of the responses Part 1 generated. It was the previews that caught my attention. Since I wasn’t going to be able to watch the show when it aired, I recorded it. Saturday while Wayne and I were hanging out to nurse Murph, he was flipping through our recorded programs on the DVR and saw the Oprah … Continue reading

What Makes Politicians Think They’ll Never Get Caught?

Or, that if they do, we should be understanding and tolerant of their moment of weakness? I’m referring to John Edwards’s admission that he cheated on his wife Elizabeth. “In the course of several campaigns, I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic.” ~-John Edwards, as quoted from an article by Pete Yost, AP, published on AOL News-~ Apparently he confessed the whole mess to Elizabeth and the rest of his family long before it came out in the media. But now it’s out. Now not only him, but also Elizabeth, have to face … Continue reading

How Is It Politicians Have So Much Time to Cheat?

I was very disappointed to hear yesterday that John Edwards admitted to having an affair on his wife, Elizabeth. Worse, he did it when she was in the midst of battling cancer. It was just a few months ago when another such scandal forced the then governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, out of office. Edwards isn’t going to face anything like that, but I think he can pretty much forget Obama naming him as his choice for vice-presidential running mate. I happen to like John Edwards, so I’m really disappointed to hear he’s joined the ranks of cheating politician … Continue reading

Dilemmas: Friends and Inappropriate Behaviors, Part 2

In Part 1, I wrote about some sticky situations friends might put us in (knowingly or unknowingly). Ones that can cause dilemmas when deciding how to handle them. I promised my answers for what I would do, so here they are. If a Friend Knew My Husband Was Cheating Ideally, I’d like to have my spouse make the confession. So if my husband was cheating and a friend knew, I’d like the friend to confront Wayne and encourage him to tell me. But if that didn’t happen, I’d want my friend to show me irrefutable proof. I would be the … Continue reading

Dilemmas: Friends and Inappropriate Behavior

Once upon a time, that reader known as Jade “The Muse” Walker sent me a link to a story about someone’s friend having an affair. The friend’s dilemma: should she tell her friend’s husband about it or not? In addition to asking what I would do, Jade posed another interesting question. “If the situation was reversed, would you want to know?” Sticky Situations Because Jade sent this back when my mom had just moved in with us, I don’t recall everything the article said. (Lots has happened since then and the link is now inactive. I couldn’t reread the article … Continue reading

What To Do When You’ve Got a Crush on Someone Other Than Your Spouse

On my article Are Crushes Natural?, a reader left a comment about how she’s happily married but developed a big crush on someone else. She even tried to hook the guy up with an available friend, but that only made her think about him more. She admitted she knows she needs to stop thinking about him, but also that she hopes the friend and him decide not to see each other again. Yikes. That’s a tough situation to be in. Now some of you will take objection to that and say “If she’s so happily married, why would another man … Continue reading

Fantasizing Wives

This morning on Today I happened to catch a segment about “Sex and the Married Mom.” I didn’t catch who conducted the poll. (I want to say it was a collaboration between AOL and Cookie Magazine. Somehow Cookie Magazine must have been involved because two women who worked for the magazine were being interviewed about the poll results.) Who did it isn’t as important as the results they found. The Poll The poll interviewed 30,000 married women about their sex lives. What they found was that most of us aren’t as satisfied as some may have formerly thought. Some of … Continue reading

Infidelity: Insult and Injury

In Does an STD Make the Crime of an Affair Even Worse?, I pondered just that. As deedee1231 pointed out, it probably doesn’t make it worse, it just adds insult to injury. I believe that. Yet when I wrote that article I didn’t think beyond an STD as a consequence of an affair that might add insult to injury. But then the whole prostitution scandal with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer happened. Except, before I could ponder how he not only embarrassed himself but his poor wife and that’s certainly a huge insult too, my mom fell sick. I … Continue reading