Types Of Pillows

In previous blogs I discussed different types of pillow fill material and what pillows can help allergy sufferers get a good night’s sleep. This blog is dedicated to the different types of pillows that you wouldn’t necessarily use to get some serious zzz’s, but are wonderful additions to your home’s décor nonetheless. Decorative Pillows. My mom is a nut for deco pillows, especially in the bedroom. (My poor dad spends about 10 minutes each night removing deco pillows from his side of the bed. She has so many deco pillows it’s hard to tell there’s a mattress underneath. My 2-year-old … Continue reading

The Right Pillow For Allergy Sufferers

In a previous blog I provided tips on replacing your worn bed pillows. I also listed various types of filling the majority of pillow manufacturers use. If you suffer from allergies (like me) than finding the right pillow fill material is critical to achieving a good night’s sleep. Shortly after undergoing sinus surgery I found I was even more sensitive to allergens so my mom went out and bought every kind of “alternative-fill” pillow that existed. (I felt like Goldilocks trying to find just the right one—this one is too soft… this one is too hard… you get the idea.) … Continue reading

When They Definitely do NOT “Sleep Like a Baby”

That saying, “sleep like a baby” implies that a person is sleeping quietly and deeply—lost to the world and floating in a land of sleepy dreams. As many parents realized, however, a large portion of children are NOT sweet, quiet sleepers. These noisy sleepers grunt, groan, cry out, make all sorts of noises, talk in their sleep, and some even get up and wander the house—walking in their sleep. When you are the parent of a child who is a fussy sleeper, it can keep YOU from getting a good night’s sleep. Just because a child is a noisy sleeper … Continue reading

Home Care Extras

Bedspreads and quilts and pillows—oh my! My young daughter enjoys pulling all of the aforementioned items off of our beds and creating what she calls “Pillow Mountain.” The puffy monstrosity usually sits at the end of the hallway—the perfect spot for her to hurl her body into after running at maximum speed down the strip of carpet. The point of this blog is not to give you tips of how to create the perfect pillow mountain (I’ll save that for another blog). Rather, I wanted to provide some care tips on a few home items, including bedspreads, quilts and pillows. … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: February 11 – 17

What kind of weather are you experiencing in your area? If it is cold, I hope you are staying warm. Michele has some tips for just how to do that this week. She also had some tips on pillows, like how to choose them and which ones are best for allergy sufferers. We had some reviews and recalls and even some plant care tips. Valentine’s Day was also this week, so I hope you had fun and kept warm at the same time. Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun, but now you can relax… well, until Easter anyway! … Continue reading