A Couple of Genealogy Terms for You

Every so often, I like to add some new words to my vocabulary. I really enjoy having a big vocabulary because, let’s face it, words are a lot of fun. My son, who is nineteen months old, is adding a new word or two to his vocabulary every day or so. I am so pleased about that because he seems to like words just as much as I do. While these two words won’t be on the tip of his tongue any time soon, if you are into genealogy they just might come in handy for you. At the very … Continue reading

The Ring – A Real Life Genealogy Mystery Solved

There’s something intriguing about a genealogy mystery, especially when it happens in real life and not in a book or a movie. The particular mystery that I learned about today is even more intriguing to me because it involves a place that I have visited before, Kittery, Maine. What’s more, this real-life New England genealogy lost and found mystery was solved just a few days ago by a professional genealogist from Utah. The story began a few weeks ago when a resident of Berwick, Maine found a ring on a beach near Kittery. Fortunately, the ring had an inscription so … Continue reading