College Students Need Insurance

It won’t be long before the new semester begins, and the college students will be back in school. Most families realize that their college bound offspring needs things like textbooks, new bedding, and perhaps their own computer. College students also need to have insurance coverage. College is expensive. Tuition seems to go up every semester. Textbooks cost a small fortune. There are fees to pay for the dorm, the meal plan, and possibly even a parking permit. Students who are living in apartments are going to have to come up with the money to pay rent, and also to buy … Continue reading

Insurance 3-Steps for the Single, 20-Something, College Graduate

Watching our children grow up and become adults is one of the greatest parts of parenting. My oldest daughter graduated from Oregon State University with honors last month. I was in awe of the results of my labor, I doubt our children have any idea how proud we really are when they achieve the greatness we dreamed possible! I have written several Blogs about insurance for our older teenagers and young adults. The best advice I can offer is that you continue to insure your child until they are defined by the financial aide office as “independent.” This is usually … Continue reading

The Three Insurance Issues to Consider When Your Child Leaves For College

It’s almost time to pack bags and help those college children find their way around a dorm room. It’s an exciting time for them but can be a stressful time for parents! A few of the insurance issues you might want to be thinking about now include: Is my child’s personal property, including the computer, covered while away at college? In most cases a child is covered on your insurance policy as a member of the household. Insurance companies cover children away at school differently in some cases your child’s personal property would be covered under the conditions of your … Continue reading

When To Drop Your Child From Your Auto Insurance.

You might be thinking how wonderful it’s going to be when your teenage driver goes off to college and you can stop paying a high premium for auto liability insurance. After all, a child away at college who can’t drive your car shouldn’t need to be included on your coverage any more–Right? Think again! One of the most common requests I had while I was an active insurance agent was to delete the young driver’s off their parent’s auto insurance policy. Every time a new college term stated I dreaded the calls from the anxious parents. As nice as it … Continue reading