Tim McGraw Giving Away Houses

It is Memorial Day weekend and what better way to remember the military than to give some of them homes? Tim McGraw, along with Chase and Operation Homefront are going to give homes to 25 veterans as a promotion for McGraw’s Brothers of the Sun summer tour. The United Service Organization (USO) and Chase are presenting the tour, which will also receive contributions from the Academy of Country Music’s ACM Lifting Lives program and the Premier Group on behalf of the North Carolina Furniture Manufacturers. These mortgage-free homes will go to veterans who have been wounded in battle (wounded warriors) … Continue reading

Bob Hope Auction a Success

Over the years, Bob Hope worked tirelessly for the United Service Organization (USO), showing support for our troops from World War II through the Gulf War. Although the benevolent entertainer passed away five years ago at the age of 100, Bob Hope is still giving. This past weekend, approximately 800 of his personal items were placed up for auction. The entire sale brought in a total of $601,000 for the Bob and Dolores Hope Charitable Foundation, which helps U.S. veterans. (This image is a work of a U.S. military or Department of Defense employee, taken or made during the course … Continue reading

Celebrities and Sleeping Pills – Part One

While we will not know exactly what killed Heath Ledger for another 10 days or so, we do know that the police have reported that sleeping pills were found in the room. Maybe not “scattered around” as originally reported, but he did have prescription sleeping pills in his room with his name on the bottle. What is certain is that if he did take an overdose of sleeping pills, he certainly would not be the first celebrity to do so. Here is a list of celebs who tried to take their life with sleeping pills: Actress Mary Astor starred along … Continue reading

It’s Time To Take A Stand

In my last blog I responded to a small part of a blog from The Washington Post by William Arkin and I promised to share my ideas about supporting our troops and taking a stand against these kindS of attacks on our troops. Military members and their families have always been more or less encouraged to just let it all go; don’t engage in the discourse when it comes to remarks such as those made by William Arkin. I do my best to be a good military wife and I hope that when all is said and done that my … Continue reading

Silly String: Lifesaving Gift for Soldiers?

Have you heard that Silly String or other brands similar to this product may be the best gift you can give our troops? It sounds, well… a little silly, but it’s actually quite serious. The Marines apparently came up with the idea but word is traveling fast. Silly String can be sprayed as troops enter buildings in order to locate trip wires. Talk about thinking on your feet! These guys know how to improvise! If the string goes straight down, no problem. If it seems to hang in the air, it could be due to nearly invisible trip wires, which … Continue reading

John Kerry’s “Joke” No Laughing Matter?

By now, most people have heard what John Kerry recently said about getting a good education or you’ll “get stuck in Iraq.” He tried to play it off, claimed that he simply misspoke, and that he had intended to bash the Commander in Chief instead of the troops (as if that were a good thing). He claimed it was a botched joke, but unfortunately for him, nobody is laughing. Kerry was asked to apologize, which he would not immediately do. After hearing terms like “political suicide,” used to describe his career and future election plans, he did apologize. At first … Continue reading

September 11 Ideas

Monday is the sad anniversary of September 11, 2001. Stop and take a moment to remember. Do you remember all the American flags that flew that day and days after? Let’s give tribute to the lives of innocents and heroes lost that day and every day after. You can also help your kids make projects to commemorate this day in our history. Tie a great big yellow ribbon around a tree in your yard. Make a ribbon and hang it on your front door. Sketch it on poster board, have your kids color it, cut it out, and hang it … Continue reading