Fall/Winter Maternity Wardrobe

I have put off maternity clothes shopping for a little while for two reasons. First, I want to make sure that the maternity clothes that I do buy fit me and are comfortable when I really need them. Second, most of the clothes in the maternity boutiques have been summer apparel and sun dresses and shorts really do not work very well in the fall and winter weather. The one time I did go maternity clothes shopping this summer was with my pregnant sister. Ironically, I actually did find a couple of “long shirt/dress tops” that would work really well … Continue reading

Buying Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes are one of the biggest indicators that you are expecting. Even before I was pregnant, I visited a local maternity boutique in the utter excitement of pregnancy anticipation. Never mind that we hadn’t even started trying and that we wouldn’t conceive for seven long months. I thought I needed some maternity apparel to usher in this new phase of our lives. Little did I know that the cute maternity top that I purchases would be ridiculously uncomfortable when I actually had a belly to fill it out. Once we finally conceived, my overwhelming excitement lead me to purchase … Continue reading

Are Maternity Clothes Required?

As I walked through the mall this morning, I passed Motherhood Maternity and then Express. I remembered how a friend had recommended that I try the extra long T’s at Express, since she had liked the fit during her pregnancy. I didn’t end up buying one at the time, but I did have a few other items in my closet while I was expecting that were not maternity. The truth is, for most of your pregnancy, real maternity clothes are not needed or required. Limiting yourself to the maternity clothing store can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you are particular … Continue reading

Pregnant Or Just Into Maternity Fashion?

Earlier this week, Mariah Carey was spotted wearing a maternity dress from A Pea In the Pod. Add to that all the rumors surrounding her fuller figure, and you’ll understand just why everyone is convinced she is pregnant. All other rumors and reasons aside, how much can one really deduce from a wardrobe choice? It begs the question: would you wear a maternity dress even if you were not pregnant? There are two reasons I think you can assume a women is pregnant if she is wearing maternity clothes. The first reason has to do with fit. My take is … Continue reading

How to Make Your Own Maternity Jeans

It’s easy enough to go to a maternity clothing store and pick up a pair of jeans, but you’re limited to the brands they offer and you’ll end up paying the higher price. With basic sewing skills, a favorite pair of jeans and a stretch camisole, you can create your own maternity jeans for a fraction of the cost. You will need a sewing machine, a pair of jeans, scissors and a camisole you don’t mind ruining. Pick a pair of jeans that fit when the fly is open. Remember that your hips might spread a little bit during your … Continue reading

Getting Your Maternity Wardrobe in Gear for Fall

Now that the highs are getting lower and the lows are frigid, your maternity wardrobe might need a little adjusting. Don’t pack up the t-shirts yet, though, there are still some ways you can wear them. Here are some tips for transitioning from warm-weather clothes to fall fashions: 1. Pick up some open front sweaters that zip, tie or button to wear over your summer tanks and tees. Muted grays and charcoals will complement the bright colors and are this season’s shade of choice. Long sweaters are in style, so find one that falls just past your hips. 2. Tights … Continue reading

Surviving the Weeks Between Skinny Jeans and Panel Pants

If it weren’t for the ultrasound you carry with you everywhere you go, your strong aversion to the smell of fish and your constant trips to the bathroom, most people would be oblivious to the fact that you are expecting. You are painfully aware of your condition, however, and so is your wardrobe. There is a period between skinny jeans and panel pants. Your old pants are too tight to be comfortable (or even zip) and maternity pants are always on the brink of falling down to your ankles. In the warmer months, you still have the option of wearing … Continue reading

Then and Now: Maternity Fashion

The clothes I wore when I was pregnant, and the clothes my mom wore when she was pregnant with me, are quite different! Maternity styles have changed so much over the past two decades, with the most drastic changes seen over the past five years as celebrity pregnancy has become such a hot topic. In the early 1980s, pregnant woman wore over-sized shirts and loose-fitting dresses that didn’t do anything in terms of defining the pregnant shape. If you look through pictures of pregnant woman in the 1980s, you’ll notice everything was billowing, flowing and draping. There was no fitting, … Continue reading

Celebrity Fashion Designers—-Gimme a Break!

It’s no secret that Hollywood A-lister’s don’t have to have knowledge of fashion design (or fashion sense for that matter) to have an entire collection created in their name. These days you can buy leggings by Lindsay Lohan, jeans by Justin Timberlake, dresses by Madonna and tank tops by Jude Law’s ex-girlfriend Sienna Miller. But the latest round of celebrities turned fashion designers has me rolling my eyes in ways I didn’t think possible. Take for example Britney Spears. The reforming popwreck had custody of her two young sons stripped from her following her public meltdowns, yet she’s now in … Continue reading

Top 10 Ways to Tell Your LDS Husband Doesn’t Get Being Pregnant

Maybe it is because I’m nine months pregnant, but I am currently very aware that no man will ever quite understand what it means to be pregnant. Oh, they can be sympathetic, supportive, and uplifting, but even the most ideal husband can’t relate to the various physical “joys” that come with carrying a child. Here are some great signs that even your fantastically spiritual Latter-day Saint husband just doesn’t understand. 1. In your last trimester, when you feel too exhausted to move, he asks you to substitute for several weeks as a Primary or Sunday school teacher. 2. He doesn’t … Continue reading