How to Avoid Some Health Insurance Hassles

Health insurance companies use a bit of gamesmanship when they select which customers they are going to cover, and which they are going to deny. Their purpose is to keep their costs as low as possible, while increasing their profits. Savvy consumers can play this game, too. The more you know about how health insurance works, the less hassle you will have to deal with. You might even end up saving yourself some money in the process. Does your health insurance come with a network? If so, then you can save yourself some money by making sure that the doctors … Continue reading

Things Your Health Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You

The company that you get your health insurance from probably isn’t telling you absolutely everything that you need to know about your health insurance policy. This doesn’t mean that they are outright lying to you. It’s more like a sin of omission. Insurance companies, and agents, know that most consumers aren’t especially educated in how health insurance works. They realize that if you don’t fully understand something it is difficult to ask questions about it. The things that they are neglecting to tell you about are things that are to their advantage. To protect yourself, it is best that you … Continue reading