Dinner Discussions 2008 Week 18

This week’s dinner discussions are based on lesson eighteen in the manuals. The Primary lessons are one week behind. You may need to adjust your schedule to match your ward’s schedule. Dinner discussions should be a positive experience for your children, and a chance for you to delve a little deeper into gospel topics. You may want to add memorizing a scripture a month to your dinner discussions as well. If you have a child in nursery or Sunbeams he learned about being grateful for his hands. The lesson focused on all the things that the hands can do both … Continue reading

Remember the Missionaries at Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time when you are away from family. It is important to remember the missionaries in your Christmas celebrations. If you have missionaries out in the field, you should remember to send them a card and possibly a package. It is also important to remember the missionaries that are serving locally in your area. You can do this in several ways. 1) You may want to invite the missionaries over for Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner. This can do a lot to help to ease the homesickness that the missionaries may be feeling. The missionaries may … Continue reading

Missionaries and Calling Home

Missionaries get to call home two times a year. This is a wonderful time for both the missionary and the missionary’s family. There are things that you can do to help the calling time to go more smoothly. You can also help to make the time positive for both parties. 1) Take time beforehand to make sure that your telephone account will allow international calls. There is nothing more frustrating, then not being able to get through when you are working on a limited time frame. This simple step will save you a lot of heartache. 2) Make sure that … Continue reading

General Conference: “Faith, Family, Facts and Fruit”

In his talk “Faith, Family, Facts and Fruit” Elder M Russell Ballard speaks about the perceptions that many people have towards the church. Elder Ballard emphasizes the importance that each member be prepared to answer questions about our church. He points out that when most people ask questions about the church, they do not want the entire history of the church laid out along with all of the doctrine. This would overwhelm them. Instead he suggests that you offer a few facts in relation to their question. Elder Ballard focuses on four areas of emphasis in the church. He talks … Continue reading

A Treat For Missionary Moms

Over Mother’s Day, my husband’s aunt told me something wonderful that a complete stranger did to serve her. Her second son is on a mission, and so, of course, has been out of touch. However, a bishop’s wife called her up to let her know that her missionary was doing fine. In another ward, a sister (not sure if it was the bishop’s wife again, or just a member) emailed her some pictures. These contacts help to set her mind at ease. As a mom of four young children, I feel like I am constantly worrying. Of course, unlike dh’s … Continue reading

Strengthening the Less Active

One of the things that has impressed me in my new branch – not for the positive – was the enormous number of inactive sisters. The Relief Society secretary gave me a list of both active and inactive RS members, and I counted the two groups. We have approximately 25 sisters attending their meetings and participating in activities, and 50 sisters who we almost never see. As the new second counselor in our Relief Society presidency, I have a stronger responsibility to help these sisters return to their blessings. However, to some extent, every sister has an obligation to help … Continue reading

Gospel Doctrine: Prepare His Ways and Make His Paths Straight

The sometimes not-so-good thing about detailed scripture study is that you very rarely make it very far very fast. Today, after a good half hour of study, I finished the first three verses of Matthew 3, which make up part of next week’s lesson. The good thing, of course, is that I wound up pondering those three verses in full, and of course, part of that pondering included researching the scriptures given in the footnote. The surface of the verses seems very simplistic; John the Baptist began his mortal ministry, preaching that we must “Repent..: for the kingdom of Heaven … Continue reading

Three Ways to Help Your Local Missionaries

When I first joined the church, I loved going on splits with the sister missionaries. Now that I have three small children – and one on the way – getting out is a bit more challenging. At the same time, my circle of contacts at present is mostly limited to other LDS sisters, which gives me few close friends to introduce the missionaries to. I would like to share a few ‘think outside the box’ ways that you can help the missionaries if you find yourself facing similar challenges. Be a people greeter. When you see the missionaries bringing investigators … Continue reading